Pink and red banner that says ‘YouTube Regrets’ with crying eyes
I spent the past few weeks reading thousands of stories about YouTube recommendations gone wrong.

After watching a YouTube video about Vikings, one user was recommended content about white supremacy. Someone else watched confidence-building videos by a drag queen and was then inundated by clips of homophobic rants. A third user who searched for “fail” videos is now served up grisly footage from fatal accidents.

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Last month we asked you to send us your #YouTubeRegrets — the videos that you regret clicking because they sent you down a rabbit hole of strange suggested content — so that we could use them to pressure YouTube to recommend more responsibly1. Yesterday we released the most alarming stories to raise awareness of these experiences and pressure YouTube to take immediate action to fix this.

If you are as appalled by these stories as I was, here are three things you can do right now to take action:

  1. Share these stories on Facebook or Twitter to help us spread the word about #YouTubeRegrets
  2. Turn off your own autoplay recommendations — bonus points for telling someone you know how they can do this, too!
  3. Donate to our ongoing work to hold tech companies accountable

Thanks so much,
Brandi and the team at Mozilla


1. Our recommendation to YouTube