As 2019 ends, I want to come to you with a message of hope. In the past few days you’ve heard from my fellow Mozillians, Ashley and Mark, that they are feeling afraid and angry about the state of things online and in the world. You might be feeling those things too. I know I am.




Which is why I want to tell you there is hope — lots and lots of hope — in the world today. Every day, I see more people speaking up and speaking out to demand change. Every day I see the media doing a better job of holding our big tech company friends to account. Every day I see my friends and colleagues here at Mozilla show up with a growing passion to keep up the fight for good in technology.

Yes, there are problems online and in the world we must fix — misinformation seeps into too much of our lives, our privacy rights are constantly under attack, bias in algorithms harms the most vulnerable. Mozilla exists to fight these problems. That is why I care so much about our work and our mission for good. Because at the end of the day, it is up to us to make change.

When people who care step up with action, with a donation, when they use their voice to say, “This is not right, I want to make it better!” — that is when change happens. And I see so many of you stepping up. Just think: when Mozilla shipped our first browser — Firefox 1.0 — in 2004, we did it with just 902 staff and volunteer contributors. As of last year, there are more than 15,000 people around the world helping bring Mozilla’s mission to life, the vast majority of those volunteers. This is why I have hope.

One thing you can do today to help is make a donation to the Mozilla Foundation. Anything you can give today will help us keep the hope — and our important work — going into the new year.

  Yes, I’ll donate now  

Thank you,

Mitchell Baker

P.S. If you have questions about donating to Mozilla, you’ll find answers on our FAQ page.