New Product: Olson Instruments NDE-DAQ

NDE-DAQ Data Acquisition Platform
(to be operated with user’s tablet/notebook)  
Olson Instruments is proud to announce our latest nondestructive evaluation (NDE) tool, the NDE-DAQ, which we’ll be introducing at TRB on January 12-16, 2020 in Washington, DC. If you’re planning to attend, please visit us at Booth #606.
The NDE-DAQ is a 4-channel data acquisition platform designed to connect to any Windows tablet or notebook running Olson’s acquisition/analysis software. With Olson software, data can be collected and fully evaluated at the job site or saved for later processing in the office.

This new addition to our product line is capable of performing six different NDE tests, including:
  1. Impact Echo (IE)
  2. Impact Echo Scanning (IES)
  3. Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves (SASW)
  4. Slab Impulse Response (SIR)
  5. Sonic Echo/Impulse Response (SE/IR)
  6. Parallel Seismic (PS)

All of these test method systems include the necessary acquisition/analysis software. Any of these systems can be added individually, as needed, without returning the platform to the manufacturer. Users who already own an NDE 360 platform can use their periphal equipment with the new NDE-DAQ. Users who own a Freedom Data PC (FDPC) platform can use some of their periphal equipment with the new NDE-DAQ. Contact Olson for details on compatibility.

NDE-DAQ and IE test method system
(operated with user’s tablet/notebook)
The small, lightweight NDE-DAQ has a built-in kick stand and comes with straps that facilitate attachment to a Windows tablet/notebook, as well as a hand strap and shoulder straps for ease of use in the field. We hope NDE professionals will share our excitement in this new product.