Smartwatch combats dementia

It has been announced today that a smartwatch is being launched to revolutionise dementia care. The £100 million project, backed by Bill Gates, will see artificial intelligence monitor more than 30 indicators, such as speech, fine motor skills and sleep. The watch is to be trialled by a million British people before being introduced across the NHS.

In response to this, comments from Mark Frankish, Data Scientist at SAS UK & Ireland, exploring how healthcare providers must have a strong plan in order to achieve the maximum impact from this newly harnessed data.

Mark Frankish, Data Scientist at SAS UK & Ireland:

“Connected devices will revolutionise healthcare. The new data produced could soon boost the search for new cures and breakthroughs in patient care.


“This new stream of lifestyle data offers huge potential to healthcare professionals when it comes to supporting decision making and improving patient outcomes. But healthcare providers must have a plan in place in order to avoid being buried in large volumes of data.


“The current data mentality in the NHS will need to shift if this new data is to be used to its optimal value. Every member of staff, from clinicians to administrators will need to understand and trust recommendations achieved via analytics and AI, and be able to explain these to patients. Only through cultural change can technology bring about the next era of patient care.”