2 free movies & more to pass the time/prepare

I’ve got a few really great resources to share with you while you are stuck at home and not only need something to do, but want to be prepared for the debates that will surely rage as things get back to normal and the pandemic wanes.




Socialized Medicine and “Who Decides?”

The first resource is our original documentary, The Determinators: Whoever Pays Holds the Power to Decide. The Determinators is our documentary about Obamacare and socialized medicine, and it specifically touches on the ethical and moral problems that always arise when health care is run by the government. Just like in Italy today, where they are deciding who gets ventilators and lives and who doesn’t, socialized medicine will allow someone in the government to decide whether or not you get care.


It will be really important to get reacquainted with the arguments against socialized medicine now because I am certain the left will ramp up their demands for a single-payer system once the crisis has passed. This documentary is free for you to watch! Please watch it and share it with your network.



Border Security & Immigration Policy

Just like our documentary on socialized medicine is timelier than ever, so is our documentary on border security (or the lack thereof), The Border States of America. The coronavirus pandemic has clarified so many issues, hasn’t it? For instance, everyone can now see the danger on depending on China for so many critical items like medicine and manufacturing – things President Trump has been saying for years.


It has also shown everyone across the world that borders matter! After so many years of global elites mocking us and attacking us for simply wanting secure borders, many of the same people are closing their own borders to protect their countries from immigrants and travelers that may bring the virus in with them.


In Border States of America, we show, with interviews and real footage from the border, how an open southern border makes every state in America a border state – with all the awful consequences that includes. Again, after this crisis passes, the debate over borders and immigration policy is going to come roaring back, and you will want to be prepared to have those discussions with friends, family, and elected officials.


This documentary is also free to watch! Please watch it and share it with your network.



Coronavirus Response Resources

This week, we launched our Coronavirus Response page, with resources like basic health information, a letter you can personalize and print out to leave with your neighbors, a list of things to do while you’re stuck at home, and coming soon is a directory of small businesses you can support during this crisis. Check the page often for updates as we will continue to add items that will strengthen you, your family, and your community during this crisis.


Stepping Up to the Plate…

Have you seen examples of businesses, non-profits, or other private entities voluntarily stepping up to the plate to help with the fight against COVID-19? Please send the names of these entities to me today and on an ongoing basis. Please include links, news articles, or other documentation, if possible. Thank you!


Finally, if you are able to support the work Tea Party Patriots Action is continuing to do despite the pandemic and the shutdown, a gift of $50 or $100 will go a long way toward keeping the tea party mission going.


For instance, we are mid-production of our next documentary about socialism – not just socialized medicine, but the whole socialist system. There is going to be a huge debate over socialism in the coming months and years, and our side must be prepared. And, as you can see, our documentaries continue to be valuable resources years later, at no extra cost.


There is also massive issue education that must happen for November, because virus or no virus, there is an election in November, and the American people need accurate information. We literally have one party and a media that are so gripped by their hatred of President Trump that they are using a pandemic to score political points. They are trying to sow discord, spread misinformation, and do whatever they can to bring down the President they couldn’t bring down with their previous attempts. There is a lot of work to be done outside of the pandemic, and our support team is still doing it because we love our country, our Constitution, and we will keep America great no matter the challenges!

God Bless America,


Jenny Beth Martin