Bitdefender Newsletter March 2020

Take extra safety measures online, as Bitdefender research shows hackers are now using coronavirus-themed malware attacks.

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As the novel Coronavirus places extraordinary stress on people, governments, retail, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, and educational systems, and alters life as we knew it, hackers are trying to make it all worse.
Malicious reports related to Coronavirus have increased by over 475% so far in March from February. As of March 16th Bitdefender Lab research has seen 8,319 of the reports this month, from 1,448 in all of February.
Hackers focus on countries that have started experiencing an increase in Coronavirus infections: Colombia, the United States, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Canada, and Romania. If you live in one of these countries, read more on our blog about hackers’ activity in your area and what you can do to stay safe from online dangers.
Dealing with cyber “viruses” is the last thing you want to do at the moment.
Bonus: To keep your devices and data safe, we recommend you go to your Bitdefender Central account to install and remotely manage security for you and your family. Simply sign in or install the Bitdefender Central app, available on Android and iOS, and make sure everyone gets protected.
How scammers exploit Spring Break in the time of COVID-19
Millions of US students and their families have looked forward to a fun-in-the-sun vacation for months now. However, with the Coronavirus outbreak declared a worldwide pandemic, most have either postponed trips or put them off entirely.
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Some VPN Apps Secretly Gather Anonymized User Data
An investigation has revealed that Sensor Tower, a tech platform that allows developers to gather usage data, has been collecting information about millions of users from apps such as VPNs and ad-blockers.
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