Bloodhound LSR: Goes into hibernation ?

Land Speed Record

We wish you and your family well during these exceptional and troubling times.

Following the successful high-speed testing in South Africa last October and November we have been focussed on securing sponsorship to fund the world Land Speed Record campaign. We had a finite timeline in which we had to secure investment in order to return to South Africa during cool weather in Q3 2021 to challenge for the LSR.

Discussions with a number of global brands were looking promising when COVID-19 struck and the sponsorship industry literally shutdown. This means our ability to raise the necessary funds in time and consequently the window to conduct the LSR campaign safely in 2021 is now very likely to be missed.

There is still some work to do to enable the car to reach speeds over 800mph, safely. The development the new zero carbon emission rocket, a revised jet fuel system, fitting winglets to the tail fin and building all the supporting ancillary equipment; trailers, etc, needed for fuelling the rocket and making two runs down the desert within an hour.

As a result, we are planning to go into hibernation to reduce the monthly overheads to an absolute minimum and we’ll reboot conversations with potential sponsors later in the year.

Many of you have suggested crowdfunding as an option and, whilst it won’t raise the £8m needed to complete the project, we will be launching a campaign later in the year to give us the vital funding to allow this final push for sponsorship and cover the costs of the unplanned hibernation period.

Thanks to popular demand we are producing some very limited-edition High Speed Testing liveried model cars. These will be available exclusively via the crowd funding campaign.

In the meantime we thought you might enjoy our latest film where we imagined drag racing Bloodhound LSR against some other fast cars, see below!

We will do our best to keep you entertained with more videos in our social media feeds during these exceptional times but most importantly, look after one another, stay home, stay safe!

Best regards,

Ian and the Bloodhound LSR team.

Ever wondered just how Bloodhound LSR stacks up against other fast cars? For fun we crunched the numbers and pitted them side by side on the desert. The speeds are the most accurate we could find and no, they don’t account for traction, tyres, etc, but you get the idea…. Imagine how she’s going to run when we add the monopropellant rocket!