Action Item: Sign up for the 2020 Patriot Project!

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to beat the drum about the fact that the November election is going to happen, virus or no virus. While we’ve got a lot on our plates right now, dealing with the virus and the government response to the virus, we absolutely cannot forget that the election to decide who manages the recovery after the virus has passed will be held in seven months.

The left surely hasn’t forgotten. They are already running ads that politicize the pandemic, attacking President Trump, saying he didn’t do, and hasn’t done enough. They’re spending millions on attack ads in critical states and districts. Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, fresh off their sham impeachment effort are now going to start investigating the President over coronavirus.


So, the action items this week deal directly with these issues. Please do all that you can, and encourage others you know to do them too.

Action Item #1

Keep praying for America, the world, our leaders, the ill, those who have died, and pray for our freedoms as well.

Action Item #2

Sign up with Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund 2020 Patriot Project. This is TPPCF’s grassroots Get Out The Vote project, and the best part is that pretty much all of the activities can be done from your own home – so no need to worry about coronavirus! All of the major left-wing activist groups are already working for November, and if our side waits until the virus passes, it might be too late to have any effect at all. Go to the TPPCF website and sign up today!


This is not a drill… it’s the real deal. It is an election year, and after the mess we are now in, who would rather have a Trump administration in charge of the clean-up instead of a Biden administration?!?


Action Item #3

Keep sharing any articles, videos, etc. you come across that expose the left’s lies about President Trump not doing enough or about how they took it seriously from the beginning… you know, the same time period during which they were illegitimately impeaching the President. Share them on social media AND share them via email – especially if you don’t use social media, please educate people via email!

In liberty,


Jenny Beth Martin