Mobile tech leading way for safety in supermarkets

PPE, till screens and social distancing – now mobile technology leads the way for supermarket safety

Ubamarket’s shopping app helps to eradicate in-store contact, laying the roadmap for British retailers ahead of their return

Will Broome, Founder of Ubamarket, discusses the role of tech in combatting Covid-19, and explains why safety and convenience must be priority for retailers ahead of June 1st

Retail tech pioneers Ubamarket are introducing their shopping app in supermarkets and convenience stores across the UK & Ireland, enabling stores to eradicate contact, dramatically reduce queues, and offer a faster and safer shopping experience.

This comes as retailers across Britain carry out their preparations for a return to trading, with many retailers expected to open from June 1st. Ensuring safety and convenience represents one of the key challenges facing these retailers in the coming weeks, and thousands of stores across the UK will look to supermarkets leading the charge towards a more hygienic and convenient future of retail.

Will Broome, Founder of Ubamarket, comments on the implementation of mobile technology in supermarkets and discusses how Britain’s retailers must follow in the footsteps of Britain’s grocers to successfully return: 

“The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the retail landscape as we knew it, and Britain’s retailers are set to return to a market which is very different to the one they left some two months ago, when the lockdown and closure of all non-essential businesses was implemented.  

However, supermarkets and convenience stores have remained open throughout the lockdown, and whilst they have enjoyed increased business partially out of necessity, many of these stores have also refined their approach to serving customers to maximise their success. The biggest difficulty that retailers across the country will have to negotiate is the challenge of getting customers back in-store.

As a result, it would do well for Britain’s retailers to observing the success of convenience stores and supermarkets, by focusing on setting out clear and well maintained queuing processes, keeping simple and clear store layouts, communicating in-store using signage, and ensuring that checkout and payment is contactless and as fast as possible.

The implementation of retail technology will allow retailers to go further by solving a number of the problems posed by Coronavirus. Providing tech solutions, such as a consumer app, can put shoppers in control and will unlock a range of features such as remote stock checking, till-less checkout and aisle sat-nav, all of which will greatly enhance the shopping experience and rebuild consumer confidence.”