Biden sees chance to “rewrite our economy”

Biden says Democrats will “rewrite our economy” if he wins in November.

“Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said Wednesday that Democrats have the opportunity to ‘rewrite our economy’ after the coronavirus pandemic. […] Biden added that making it easier for workers to unionize is a ‘Day One’ priority for his prospective administration.” (Washington Free Beacon)

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Although the media likes to portray Joe Biden as a center-left liberal — or even a centrist — the truth is he’s campaigning as anything but.

Just days after he pledged to “transform” America, Biden has now said Democrats will “rewrite our economy” if he wins in November.


Biden’s new, far-left policies and rhetoric are likely in response to the splintered Democratic Party base: there’s a big enthusiasm gap for Biden between the progressives, like Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), and the rest of the voters who nominated him.


But time will tell how the rest of the public responds to these comments — which will be surprising to many who believed in Biden’s supposedly centrist image.

Sanders: Biden could be “the most progressive president since FDR.”

“‘The compromise they came up with, if implemented, will make Biden the most progressive president since FDR,’ Sanders told MSNBC. ‘It did not have, needless to say, everything that I wanted, everything that Biden wanted.’ Sanders added that there was a ‘real honest effort’ to find a compromise between left-wing supporters of Sanders, and establishment Biden backers.” (Fox News)

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Only if you’re an avowed socialist like Bernie Sanders do you say that like it’s a compliment.


As Biden builds bridges to the increasingly powerful progressive wing of his party, voters will be left to decide whether they really want those FDR-style policies, like:


the “most expensive Democratic tax plan that we’ve seen from any Democratic candidate in recent history”


the $16 trillion climate plan


the $750 billion plan to strengthen Obamacare


— and much more

Shameless: a Democratic House campaign took PPP funds to “offset ‘challenging’ fundraising numbers.”

A Democratic House candidate took thousands of dollars in loans for her campaign from the federal Paycheck Protection Program, the Texas Tribune reports. The campaign of Christine Eady Mann, a Democratic candidate for Congress running in Texas’s 31st district, received $28,600 in May from the PPP, a federal program designed to help small businesses.” (Washington Free Beacon)

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This might be the most outrageous Paycheck Protection Plan story we’ve read — and we’ve read a lot: a Democratic House campaign in Texas took more than $25,000 from the program to reportedly “offset ‘challenging’ fundraising numbers.”


The loan has since been repaid. But we oppose it on principle: the program was meant to help struggling small businesses, not prop up seemingly floundering campaigns.

Just how worried is the left about Joe Biden facing President Trump in debates this fall?

That is not a good way for Biden to reintroduce himself to the American people. And, let’s not kid ourselves, these debates will be his reintroduction to most Americans, who have neither seen nor heard from him for months, if not years.” (Salt Lake Tribune)

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We’d go with “A WHOLE LOT” based on this bizarre op-ed (linked above) from liberal writer Thomas Friedman.


The meandering piece, mostly built around old and unfair criticisms of President Trump, sums up to one conclusion: Biden is mostly likely better off to “stay in his basement” than face the President on the debate stage … and that’s the assessment of a liberal writer likely to support his campaign!