Independence Day is next on the chopping block.

Independence Day is right around the corner, and unfortunately, this year Americans will likely be flooded with propaganda with messages that America is irredeemably racist. They’ll lie about our founding, insisting that it is 1619, rather than the true founding of 1776.

This is why Tea Party Patriots Action is putting together resources for you and other patriots to use around Independence Day, to fight back against this nauseatingly false narrative about America.


So, if you’re sick and tired of all of this anti-American, pro-anarchy, pro-Marxist destruction, I’m asking you to join me in pushing back against all of it.


Not only are we facing anarchy in our streets, but many local governments have cancelled Independence Day celebrations. But we can’t just sit it out, so one of the things we will be asking you to do is to flag wave for one hour sometime over the holiday weekend.


Will you stand up with me and other patriots this Independence Day and beyond? Will you fight with me against the forces that seek to overthrow America and replace it with a totalitarian, Marxist regime?


If you are able, please consider supporting the work that we do to uphold and preserve the American way of life. With these Independence Day resources coming out, and going forward after that, we could end up with a big target on our back. Luckily, we have never been dependent on big donors or corporations who could rip away funding when we take a strong stand.


Our support has always come from individual patriots like you, and I know you won’t be afraid to associate with an organization that unapologetically loves America and stands up to domestic terrorists. A gift of $100, $50, $25, or of any size keeps us up and running, and able to fight for the values you cherish.


Let us not be afraid of the mob and their attempts to institute tyranny. Together we can save America.

For America now and future generations,


Jenny Beth Martin