Report: Biden Campaign Asks Facebook To Censor President Trump’s Posts

Report: “Biden Campaign Asks Facebook To Censor President Trump’s Posts”

“In a letter to Facebook’s vice president for global affairs and communications Nick Clegg on Monday, Biden’s campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon criticized the tech giant for ‘haggling’ with the White House […] She specifically asked Facebook to remove posts from President Trump that suggest a connection between mail-in ballots and voter fraud.” (The Federalist)

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It seems like the Biden campaign won’t accept anything less than President Trump being forced off of Facebook.

Joe Biden has made criticisms of Facebook part of his campaign messaging already this spring, and now his campaign manager has followed with a letter to the company that follows the same themes.

Biden weighs in on what monuments should be protected. Will the left accept his response?

“Earlier in the press conference, the presumptive Democratic nominee said that Confederate monuments and statues were fundamentally different than monuments and statues to the Founding Fathers — such as the Jefferson Memorial — which he suggested were deserving of government protection.” (Daily Wire)

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Joe Biden weighed in on which monuments should be preserved, and he argued there’s a clear distinction between Confederate monuments and those of Founding Fathers or other similar historic figures.


Now the question is: will the left accept that answer?


The progressive, far-left wing of the party has seemed generally supportive of tearing down any monuments, including a Catholic saint in California, or damaging others, like a paint-spattered monument to George Washington in D.C.

Under-reported trend: how long we’ll wait for election results in 2020.

“Don’t hold your breath waiting for final results in the close congressional and Assembly primaries in New York City. The process of counting absentee ballots won’t begin for another week, New York City Board of Elections executive director Michael Ryan announced at the end of a board meeting on Tuesday afternoon.” (POLITICO)

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It feels like the Iowa caucuses (remember those?) all over again, except it’s playing out nearly every week across America.


With a rise in absentee voting and vote-by-mail due to COVID-19, election night results have increasingly become a thing of the past. New York, which featured a tough primary between a progressive candidate and a long-time House Democrat incumbent, is still waiting for results.


This could mean we’re looking at Election Week 2020 in November.

The Vote readers got the early tip. Now here’s how it’s being reported today.

Hundreds of former members of the George W. Bush administration have formed a super PAC to support former Vice President Joe Biden, saying they are alarmed by President Trump’s conduct in office.” (The Hill)

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The Super PAC of George W. Bush Administration alumni had its public launch today, with “hundreds” of former Bush staffers expressing support for Joe Biden.


The group told The Hill that its future plans include “testimonial videos from high-profile Republicans praising Biden” as well as get-out-the-vote and other event efforts in key states.