Summer security tips for surfing the Internet

Cybercriminals thrive during the holidays, and this summer is no exception. The increase in cyberattacks has become a prime worry for governments and companies around the world, and while many of us look forward to a summer break and taking our mind off the pandemic, bad actors are setting the trap for a new wave of vacationers.
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Whether you’re planning a staycation or travelling abroad, some precautions can help prevent you and your devices from becoming the next target:
Think cybersecurity when booking your holiday – make sure to check official and trustworthy websites.
Brush up on good cyber hygiene before departure – use strong, unique passwords for all of your online accounts prior to departure, and back up your data.
Remaining cyber-safe at destination – Free public Wi-Fi can be terribly tempting but, more often than not, it’s left unsecure, exposing your personal information to hackers
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