Bring Constitution 101 to your home

I hope you’re having a great day so far.

Today, I’m writing to let you know that we’ve produced a limited number of DVD box sets of our “Constitution 101” course, and I’d like you to have a copy.



The course features Hillsdale College’s world-renowned faculty. It teaches the original design and purpose of the Constitution, the challenges it faced during the Civil War, and how it has been undermined for over a century by progressivism and liberalism. It concludes by setting forth how limited government under the Constitution might be revived.

“Constitution 101” is modeled after the course that all Hillsdale students are required to take, and this DVD box set is your opportunity to experience it for yourself. I hope you take advantage of this offer, and I have included a secure link for you here:

As you know, Hillsdale takes no government funding, even indirectly in the form of student grants or loans. So, your support is essential to expanding our national educational outreach efforts, like free online courses, designed to restore and defend liberty.

As I mentioned above, supplies of the new “Constitution 101” DVD box set are limited, so I hope you’ll reserve your copy today.


Warm Regards,


Larry P. Arnn
President, Hillsdale College
Pursuing Truth—Defending Liberty since 1844