Report: Biden agenda comes with $3.4 trillion tax hike

With 49 days to Election Day 2020, here’s the news that you’ll want to know:

(1) Democrats complain that Biden’s campaign strategy is all wrong


(2) Kamala Harris slips up: “a Harris Administration with Joe Biden as the president”


(3) new study: Biden’s plans come with $3.4 trillion tax hike

Democrats’ worries about the Biden campaign just keep adding up. Here’s the latest.

“Democrats are growing worried about Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s play-it-safe strategy with 50 days to go before the election. […] On a field training call over the weekend, several veterans of the Obama and Hillary Clinton presidential campaigns expressed concerns to Caroline Grey, a Biden campaign aide who co-founded the Democratic digital firm Civis Analytics.” (The Hill)

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  • What’s happening: Democrats’ complaints about Joe Biden’s lackluster campaign are adding up. While the Republican National Committee reported it has contacted more than 100 million voters already, the Biden campaign is focusing on online efforts.


Even Bernie Sanders has quietly said he’s worried — though not publicly.


And remember these past stories which we shared with you in The Vote?


— September: Democrats worried Biden “taking Latino voters for granted.”


— August: CNN hosts worried Biden and Democrats weren’t addressing rioting, while it was a high-priority issue for many Americans.


— August: Democrats worried about Biden staying off the campaign trail and not traveling.


— May: Top Obama strategists worried about Biden’s digital strategy (and likely started the basement campaign branding that’s stuck).


  • What’s at stake: Party loyalists and experienced politicos don’t tend to complain about winning campaigns.


(1) The continued grumbling from the left about Biden’s campaign style has increased in frequency and intensity — in other words, they seem to be worried Biden will lose big in November.


Biden is behind where Hillary Clinton was in 2016 polls in critical battleground states.


Biden said he must “work like the devil” because his support among Latino and Hispanic voters has “gotta go higher.”


— And it’s an open question about how Biden will perform one-on-one in a debate against President Trump in just two weeks.


(2) Biden’s campaign appears to be playing catch-up to President Trump’s strategy.


— President Trump has a busy schedule for in-person rallies and events, so Biden began traveling after Labor Day and Kamala Harris has done even more (see below).


— President Trump directly addressed the rioting and unrest this summer, and Biden finally weighed in on the issue, likely after polling made it clear it’s a top priority for many Americans. (Check out this Monmouth University poll, which showed 65% of Americans consider law and order a “major problem” right now.)


— President Trump used the GOP convention to focus on Republican policies and a second-term agenda, and Biden is tepidly sharing his policy goals after a Democratic convention that was mostly focused on anti-Trump messaging.


“A Harris Administration with Joe Biden as the President.” (If you say so, Kamala!)

“The vice presidential candidate got a bit ahead of herself when she referred to the ‘Harris administration,’ while discussing economic plans during a virtual roundtable. ‘A Harris administration, together with Joe Biden as the president of the United States,’ she said Saturday before correcting her apparent Freudian slip.” (New York Post)

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  • What’s happening: In either a mix-up of words — or a Freudian slip, as the New York Post termed it — Kamala Harris referred to “a Harris Administration” with Joe Biden as president during a campaign event this week.


  • What’s at stake: It’s still the Biden-Harris ticket, but we think this quick comment caught media attention because it reinforces a criticism from the right: that Biden is a figurehead on the Democratic ticket … and it would really be a Kamala Harris-led White House.


Harris is far more progressive than the centrist branding that Biden has used.


National Review called Harris the “most radically pro-abortion candidate.”


During the primary, Harris supported Medicare for All and released her “KamalaCare” plan.


And Harris co-sponsored a climate bill with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC).


She’s also taken on a bigger role on the campaign trail than Biden.


Biden has even drawn criticism from Democrats for running a low-key campaign from his basement. (Literally.)


New study: Biden’s plan will spike taxes by $3.4 trillion in the next decade.

“A new study finds that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s platform would raise taxes by $3.4 trillion on Americans and corporations over the next decade. The Penn Wharton Budget Model, a nonpartisan group at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, released the study on Monday.” (Daily Wire)

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  • What’s happening: Joe Biden will talk at length about President Trump … but not so much about the specific policies of a Biden Administration.


Now a new study from the Wharton School has found that the Biden agenda would come $3.4 trillion more in taxes over the next 10 years; another report tallied up his domestic spending at $5 trillion.


  • What’s at stakeTwo things to note…


(1) With the help of the mainstream media, Biden continues to campaign as a moderate centrist, while his policies show that he would actually govern as a member of the progressive left.


On the campaign trail last year, Biden said, “First thing I’d do is repeal those Trump tax cuts.”  (Senate Democrats have since walked back that promise, likely because it would be incredibly unpopular with the American people.)


(2) Expect President Trump to focus on taxes and the economy in the final 49 days to November 3rd.


Before the pandemic, Americans enjoyed booming economic growth and a lower tax burden. Now President Trump will make the case that he’s been leading on our economic recovery — and Biden would slow down those efforts or stop them entirely.


President Trump’s campaign will reportedly spent $10 million on TV ads that focus on the economy in swing states. One campaign official told Fox News the economy was the “‘defining issue’ of the 2020 presidential race.”