Say no to another lockdown

A second national lockdown would be a complete and utter catastrophe for our country. We have now reached the point where the cure has become worse than the disease itself.

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Tens of thousands of cancer diagnoses have not taken place. Mass unemployment is looming. The effect on mental health for many millions doesn’t even bear thinking about. The list goes on. Put simply — we cannot afford as a nation to do this again.
What’s worse is how the government are utilising their emergency powers. The way Boris is behaving, you would have thought Jeremy Corbyn had won the last election. This government is doing as they please without any opposition and it is clear to me that our civil liberties are now at risk. No new Covid measures should go through without parliamentary scrutiny by MPs and a proper debate in the country.
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Another lockdown would be so damaging to our way of life and simply cannot be tolerated. Please watch and share my latest video outlining the Brexit Party’s opposition to new measures that would damage our country.

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Nigel Farage