This might make Mark Zuckerberg mad.

Last week another Facebook employee quit publicly, saying they could no longer work for a company that profits off hate. As I was reading the story I thought to myself, “Dang, I’m proud that I work for Mozilla.”

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Every part of the Mozilla family — the Mozilla Foundation, Corporation and community — are united in our mission to make things more open, safe, private, and equitable for everyone online. This isn’t a PR campaign slogan or sudden crisis of conscience. I love working for an organization that has been committed to making the internet better for 17 years and counting.

You are an important part of Mozilla too — whether you use our *Privacy Not Included buyer’s guide, browse with Firefox, read our weekly News Beat emails, or have taken an action with us to hold Facebook and other Big Tech companies accountable. You, like us, care about doing good in the world and want to leave the internet better than we found it.

The world needs us and we need you. We want to continue to address the internet’s greatest threats: fighting to protect the privacy of those around us; pushing against misinformation and disinformation; and making sure artificial intelligence develops in trustworthy and ethical ways.

Today, can you give a donation to support this good work? It’ll make Mark Zuckerberg mad if you do. (Just kidding. Mark Zuckerberg won’t know you made a donation to Mozilla. We protect our users’ data, instead of selling it.)

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We promise we’ll keep calling out Facebook and other Big Tech companies when they do harm and spread hate in the world. Because someone has to.

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Will Easton

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