Will BLM & Antifa ever be held accountable?

Last night, a campaign volunteer for Republican Lacy Johnson was murdered in Minneapolis, and another volunteer was wounded. The volunteer that died was only 17 years old.




Lacy Johnson is running against Ilhan Omar. Power Line Blog has the story,1 including this note:

At this point, the shootings are not believed to have anything to do with the election. But they highlight the dangerous situation that has been unleashed by anti-law enforcement elements, primarily Black Lives Matter, in Minneapolis.

The author of the blog post, John Hinderaker, makes such a simple, but powerful point when he comments, “One wonders whether Black Lives Matter and Antifa will ever be held accountable for the wave of violence they have encouraged and helped to unleash.”


I think we are all wondering this – you, me, and every other regular American who can’t possibly imagine waging violence against our cities and fellow Americans.


Will BLM and Antifa ever be held accountable? It’s not just the violence they have committed themselves, but also their efforts to eliminate police and policing that has increased violence all across these Democrat-controlled cities.


I can assure you that they will never be held accountable for any of it if Joe Biden wins in 50 days. Not only will they not be held accountable in any way if Biden wins, but they will actually gain power, influence, and legitimacy.


Election day is less than 50 days away, but early voting will be starting soon in several states. This means, in some cases, that we have less than 50 days to make our case for President Trump to win in November.


This is why I urgently need your help to continue our Get Out The Vote (GOTV) program.


The people and forces that unleashed this wave of violence on innocent Americans of all races must be held accountable. If you are able to chip in $25, $50, or $100 today to our GOTV text messaging, phone banking, and letter-writing programs, then we can reach people ahead of early voting. And, then, we will be able to continue these programs all the way until and through Election Day.


I shudder to think of what will happen if Biden wins and BLM and Antifa know they won’t be held accountable. Please help me do everything we can to make sure that President Trump wins decisively, and that BLM and Antifa are held to account.


For America,


Jenny Beth Martin