Recent Tesla Patents Show What The Future Of EVs Look Like

The automotive industry is forever changing and evolving, and Tesla often sits at the forefront of this. So Rivervale Leasing investigated recent patents applied for by Tesla, Inc. to show you what the future of Tesla cars might look like.

Recent Patents Submitted by Tesla

1.     Windscreen Wipers Replaced with Laser Beams

2.     Change Speed via Touchscreen Steering Wheel

3.     Intelligent Safety Features That Know How Old You Are

4.     Sensors That Scrutinize Your Bad Seatbelt Habits

5.     EV Digital Maps Will Know if You’re an Efficient Driver

In May 2019, Tesla Inc filed for a laser beam window cleaning system which is described as ‘pulsed laser cleaning of debris accumulated on glass articles in vehicles’. The system is set to use ‘debris detection circuitry’ to spot dirt on your car window. Then, a controlled laser beams pulses at a
specially calibrated rate, which removes the debris without damaging the glass surface.

In August 2018, Tesla. Inc. filed for the ‘user interface for steering wheel’ patent, detailing an interactive steering wheel which responds to gesture movement, allowing the driver to control the car’s functions more conveniently through touch. Tesla’s redesigned steering wheel also allows drivers to change speed, music, air con and auto-pilot functions via the touchscreen.