Wordfence & WordPress Security: Ask Us Anything

In just a short while, the Wordfence Live team will be live on YouTube to answer your questions.

This week, we want to hear from you. Bring your questions about WordPress, attack campaigns, threat intelligence, the Wordfence plugin, Wordfence Central, and even general security best practices.


We’ll start soon at these times:

  • Noon Eastern Time
  • 9 am Pacific Time
  • 5 pm GMT

I will be hosting the event along with Wordfence Threat Analysts Ram Gall and Chloe Chamberland, and we’ll have Wordfence CEO Mark Maunder joining us today.


Join us here: https://youtu.be/0S-DLC0Z1w0


You can view the live session without any registration required. You’ll need a YouTube account to participate in the live chat and ask questions.


See you soon!



Scott Miller – Wordfence Customer Support Engineer