6 key security findings and how to use them in 2021

One thing’s for sure: hackers and threats thrived and even evolved amid the global coronavirus pandemic.
That’s why we’re here: to protect you and to examine last year’s threats statistics that give you a fresh insight into what matters most for your safety.


Let’s take a quick look at the key security findings of Bitdefender Labs: 485 percent increase YoY in global ransomware reports.
Cybercriminals added a new feature: double extortion. They ramped up the pressure on victims to pay by threatening to publish the data they stole before encrypting it. Spammers got better and trickier. They used adequate jargon, legitimate logos and layouts, and even impersonated real figures, shifting from coronavirus-themed spam messages to banking services, delivery services, and even travel services. More trojans after people’s money. Banking trojans like Dridex, Emotet, Trickbot and AgentTesla were quite popular among cybercriminals in 2020. Some of them focused on individually collecting personal or financial data; others were used to deliver ransomware or even additional trojans. 320 percent increase YoY in global potentially unwanted applications reports. While these apps may not be harmful per se, they do have a reputation for slowing down and affecting devices’ performance and even displaying aggressive ads. Android devices under attack. We saw a 32% increase in reported Android threats during the second half of 2020 compared to the second half of 2019. More vulnerable devices in people’s homes. Network-attached devices rank first in the number of identified vulnerabilities, followed by media players, smart TVs, IP cameras, computers, streaming devices, set up boxes and home theaters. Curious to see how many threats against you we’ve stopped so far? Your Bitdefender solution works silently in the background protecting you like an invisible shield. If you want to see it at work, go into your Bitdefender Central account.

There you can check your personalized stats: fraud, malware, phishing blocked attempts, your devices’ status, news and tips to help you stay safe. You can scan devices and add protection to new ones – everything from one security dashboard. Stay Safe,
Bitdefender Team