Gpg4win 3.1.16 released

Gpg4win version 3.1.16 is released!

It is important to us that Gpg4win continues to be available
as Free Software which can be downloaded anonymously without costs.
Because we know that this is the only way for some people to get
a software product which enables them to protect their communication.
As Gpg4win maintenance needs to be funded nevertheless, we recommend
that you set the price for yourself that shows the value of Gpg4win.

For use with official documents with EU / NATO RESTRICTED classificiation offers the option to obtain GnuPG VS-Desktop with
a service level agreement for the required maintenance gurantees, including 
consulting, support and maintenance.

Details about Gpg4win 3.1.16:

Highlights in Gpg4win Version 3.1.16 (2021-06-11)
* Kleopatra: Groups can now be configured that can be used like a single 
recipient but contain multiple keys.
* GpgOL: Now supports additional attachments like forwarded mails.
* GnuPG: The LDAP / Active Directory and Smartcard support has been further 

More information:

With the new year we are updating the signing certificates used for Gpg4win. 
The OpenPGP signature is now done with an offical GnuPG release key.

We like to thank the authors of the included packages and first of all,
our supporters and customers who made this release possible.

With best regards

    your Gpg4win Development Team