WordPress Incident Response: How to Recover from a Hack Before Anyone Else Knows

You’ve heard the stories of the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, the JBS meat processor ransomware attack, and many other recent high profile intrusions. The probability of ransomware hitting your WordPress site is low, but the probability of an attack is not. Do you know what you’d do if your site fell victim?

Could you get your site back up and functioning before anyone ever knew?


Today on Wordfence Live, we’re looking at how effective incident response can help you lessen the impact of a breach.


We’ll start soon at these times:

  • Noon Eastern Time (UTC -4)
  • 9 am Pacific Time (UTC -7)
  • 5 pm BST (UTC +1)
  • 6 pm CEST (UTC +2)

I will be hosting the event along with Wordfence Threat Analysts Ram Gall and Chloe Chamberland.


Join us here:  https://youtu.be/HjhGn2EF8xQ


You can view the live session without any registration required. You’ll need a YouTube account to participate in the live chat and ask questions.


See you soon!



Scott Miller – Wordfence Customer Support Engineer