WordPress 5.8 (Launches Today) HOWTO: Get A Faster Site, Higher Search Rank, Creative Tools, Easier Management & Happiness!

WordPress 5.8 comes out today and it has some VERY exciting capabilities. In short, it can help your site rank higher, go faster, look prettier, be more manageable, and get more creative.

This morning on the live show, the Wordfence Live Team will walk you through how to take advantage of all this amazing new WordPress goodness to outrank your competitors, please your visitors and make your life easier.


Does this release sound too good to be true? Here’s a teaser of what WordPress 5.8 includes, and what we’ll be breaking down this morning on the live show:

  • ¬†WordPress 5.8 integrates ‘patterns’, which is an entire directory of ready to go layouts that you can add to any WP site via a simple copy/paste.
  • WP 5.8 adds support for WebP images which are 30% smaller, makes your site faster, improves your visitor experience, and which, as we’ll explain on the show, can result in higher search engine rankings.
  • Creating crazy complex block-driven pages? 5.8 includes a “list view” which lets you easily manage many blocks on a single page or post.
  • The days of sterile boring sidebars are over! Sidebar widgets can now contain blocks and are editable in the WP block editor.

There is a lot more in this WordPress release, and our team will walk you through how to use them all on the show this morning.

We’ll start soon at

  • 12 Noon Eastern Time,
  • 9am Pacific,
  • 5 PM British Summer Time
  • 6pm Central European Summer Time.


Join us here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VQE_Yjfm0U




Mark Maunder – Wordfence Founder & CEO.