WordPress Plugin Authors: 9 Ways to Destroy Yourself & Your Customers

It only takes one vulnerability to lead to a hacked site. If it’s an easily exploitable flaw, it can lead to catastrophic security events on numerous sites. As a plugin or theme developer, understanding and preventing these types of vulnerabilities is critical to your users’ safety.

Today on Wordfence Live, we’re reviewing 9 ways a plugin or theme author can inadvertently create common vulnerabilities. We’ll also review secure coding best practices that can improve code security in WordPress plugins and themes.


If you’re a security researcher, or if you’re just looking for ways to keep your clients’ sites safer, today’s Wordfence Live episode will make finding security issues much easier.


We’ll start soon at these times:

  • Noon Eastern Time (UTC -4)
  • 9 am Pacific Time (UTC -7)
  • 5 pm BST (UTC +1)
  • 6 pm CEST (UTC +2)

I will be hosting the event along with Wordfence Threat Analysts Chloe Chamberland and Ram Gall.


Join us here: https://youtu.be/wy1oaSVaeH4


You can view the live session without any registration required. You’ll need a YouTube account to participate in the live chat and ask questions.


See you soon!


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