It’s Not You. It’s Them. On Hacking and Responsible Disclosure.

Happy Friday! A few days ago I spotted an article celebrating someone playfully hacking a school system. It’s a fun piece about a “badass hacker” student who gained the admiration of their friends and praise from the faculty after rickrolling the entire school via their video system. But something about the story didn’t sit right with me. I was deeply concerned about others trying the same thing and ruining their lives, thanks to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and overzealous prosecutors.

Wouldn’t you know it, this morning in the news is a story of someone doing the right thing in Missouri, and getting prosecuted for it. I’ve written a blog post about both stories with some advice for hackers, researchers, and explorers that may help someone avoid ruining their life. Give it a read, and if you know any aspiring hackers or security researchers, do forward it on to them. Thanks!!


You can find the post on the Wordfence blog…




Mark Maunder – Defiant Inc Founder & CEO.