Unravelling a data breach, thread by thread

One Tuesday morning as I was having my coffee and toast before kicking off the work day, I got a text from my credit card company alerting me to a suspected fraud charge.


This is a story about paying a steep price for a pair of cheap socks.

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What happens when a criminal steals your phone number?


AKA smishing, SIM jacking, SIM splitting — it’s when a criminal steals your phone number and wreaks havoc on your identity. Find out how you can prevent it from happening to you.

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Yes, ransomware attacks can happen to regular people


Biker gangs, street gangs and now ransomware gangs? Check out this Pocket collection of great reads and learn how to prevent an attack.


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Easy ways to secure your connection to every website

For the love of encryption, turn on HTTPS (and your heartlight), and check out these tips to spot scam websites.
Did you know? Facebook can track almost all your web activity and tie it to your FB identity. The Facebook Container extension makes it harder for them to track you on the web outside of the platform.