New SSAB M43 hardenable steel is a revolution in reliable performance and easy quenching

– Examination after shearing, flame cutting, punching and quenching in water confirms the performance of this revolutionary material.

– Technology expert Tommi Liimatainen and project manager Kati Rytinki proudly demonstrate one of the SSAB M43 test pieces.

SSAB M43 steel can be quenched in plain water without an immediate need for tempering, and still reach exceptionally high values for hardness and impact strength.


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Water, Electricity & Gas most likely to suffer a cyber attack

In light of Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month and with the threat of a cyber attack against Critical National Infrastructures (CNI) growing, Tripwire, a leading global provider of security and compliance solutions for enterprises and industrial organisations, conducted a poll to learn what services the public thought would be most likely to have an outage as a result of a cyber attack. The majority of respondents (47%) believed that water, electricity & gas utilities were the most likely CNI to be disabled due to a successful hack. Twenty-two (22) percent felt that transport would be the most susceptible to a power blackout following a cyber attack, whereas 20% voted that the emergency services would be the main organisations to suffer. A further 12% answered with other suggestions, with many suggesting that an attack on Telcos and communication systems would cause the most disruption to their country.

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UK businesses face increased cyber threat as DDoS attacks double in six months

Organisations are now experiencing an average of 8 DDoS attack attempts per day, up from 4 per day at the beginning of 2017, fuelled by unsecured IoT devices and DDoS-for-hire services

Marlborough, MA and London, UK – November 20, 2017 – Organisations experienced an average of 237 DDoS attack attempts per month during Q3 2017 – equivalent to 8 DDoS attack attempts every day – as hackers strive to take their organisations offline or steal sensitive data, according to the latest DDoS Trends and Analysis report from Corero Network Security (LSE: CNS), a leading provider of real-time DDoS defense solutions.

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