Come to AUTOMOBILE BARCELONA 2017 – Spanish Motor Show. May 11th


de Barcelona
Barcelona, 5th April 2017.- At a press conference, Enrique Lacalle, chairman of Automobile Barcelona,
presented the latest updates on this year’s show, which will be taking place from May 11th- 21st at Fira de
Lacalle said: “what we first launched last November as a much-studied project from Fira de
Barcelona, is now a brilliant reality”. Together with the latest developments in the industry, Automobile

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Chipotle Payments System Hacked – Comments


Tim Erlin, VP at Tripwire:

“While we may have become numb to these breaches, criminals continue to target point of sale terminals.  As long as compromised credit card data continues to be a valuable commodity on the black market, any company collecting or processing valid credit card information will continue to be a high value target. Organizations from fast food chains to clothing stores should pay attention to the lessons learned, not just from how criminals are getting in, but also from how compromised companies are handling the incident response to such events.

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Flaws in Car Dongle Let Hackers Stop Car Engines – Comments


Vulnerabilities found in Bosch Drivelog Connect car dongles allow an attacker to bypass authentication on the device and issue commands to cars, stopping their engines.

Kyle Wilhoit, Senior Security Researcher at DomainTools:

“Vehicular cybersecurity should be treated by manufacturers like that of critical SCADA environments, in my opinion. I say this because of the potential to cause harm should the environment (namely navigation, braking, and other critical systems) become compromised. Cars are becoming more virtual every day. From anti-lock braking systems to navigation control, the reliance on complex computing across a vehicle is surprising. One of the only saving graces to this technology is the attack surface. Typically to attack a vehicle’s onboard systems, the attacker would need to be within physical proximity of the vehicle. This is not always the case, and there are some remote exploit opportunities available, but those are a harder attack surface to compromise.”


Law and War, Magistrates in The Great War


The publisher has a fine tradition of publishing books on topics that are much under-reviewed. The author has provided a very rare glimpse into the work of Magistrates during the Great War. An original and fascinating account in the effects of total global war on society at home.

Bittium exhibits its innovative IoT design and R&D services; and the new SafeMove® Zone solution at Hannover Messe 2017 industrial fair


Bittium exhibits its innovative IoT design and R&D services; and the new SafeMove® Zone solution at Hannover Messe 2017 industrial fair

Bittium launches SafeMove® Zone solution, which is designed to improve the safety of lone and remote workers

Oulu, Finland, April 24, 2017 – Bittium exhibits its innovative IoT (Internet of Things) design and R&D services; and the new SafeMove® Zone worker protection solution at Hannover Messe 2017, to be held in Hannover, Germany on April 24–28, 2017. Bittium SafeMove® Zone solution helps organizations improve the safety of their lone and remote workers by monitoring their location and vital signs in real-time with the help of various sensors.

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