Personal records of 50,000 Australian employees exposed in data breach

Personal details of almost 50,000 Australian employees have been compromised in the country’s largest data breach since the Red Cross leaks. Reports state that up to 48,270 personal records from employees working in government agencies, banks and a utility have been exposed online by a third-party contractor — a misconfigured Amazon S3 bucket. Amazon S3 is a form of cloud storage where employees can store and retrieve data from websites and mobile apps.The files exposed include full names, passwords, IDs, phone numbers, and email addresses as well as some credit card numbers and details on staff salaries and expenses.

Commenting on this, Ian Ashworth, security consultant at Synopsys, said “Cloud computing is an increasingly popular way for centralizing storage and data access and often provides a cheaper more elastic and secure platform for enterprises to harness, however their configuration can often be more than simple.  Being internet-connected and widely accessible should dictate a greater level of diligence in their setup and tailoring to ensure they appropriately manage accessibility and control.  Authentication and correct levels of authorization are two such essential measures for granting user access to the most sensitive of data or services.  When especially dealing with PII and  payment details additional storage protection measures should be employed providing an overall layered security architecture.”

European Banking Authority closes key consultation period on new Open Banking regulations (PSD2)

The closure of the consultation period on fraud reporting guidelines signals the home straight for banking and fintech firms

London 03.09.17 – Today marks a pivotal moment in banks’ and payment providers’ PSD2 preparations as the European Banking Authority (EBA) closes its consultation period on fraud reporting responsibilities.

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Jenson Button Takes Wheel of Phish & Chips Van letting the public pay for a meal with phishing emails and texts

As part of a nationwide tour to educate the UK about fraud, British F1 driver Jenson Button has taken the wheel of Santander’s Phish & Chips van – which uniquely serves fish and chips to the public in exchange for phishing emails and SMS phishing texts (smishing), following research revealing a staggering 74% of Brits regularly receive these scams and 600 million scam attempts were made in the UK in the last 12 months – the equivalent of over 1.6 million scam messages each day.

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Hackers stole over $150, 000 from numerous popular cryptocurrency wallets

It has been reported that hackers targeting various popular cryptocurrency wallets have managed to steal around $150,000 (£113,250) worth of Bitcoins using a malware variant called CryptoShuffler. The malware has been around since last year and has been targeting popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, ZCash, Ethereum, Monero, among others.

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Financial institutions hit with new strain of banking Trojan spread by alleged Russian cyber gang

Reports have surfaced that at least 10 financial institutions have been hit with a new strain of banking Trojan spread by an alleged Russian-speaking cybercrime group codenamed “Silence”. Analysis released today by Kaspersky Lab said the cyber-criminals are using tactics similar to another gang – known as Carbanak – in a sophisticated plot to steal millions in cash.

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Silence – New banking Trojan attacking financial institutions

Yesterday, security researchers announced its discovery of a new strain of banking Trojan dubbed “Silence”, allegedly spread by a Russian-speaking cybercrime group. The cybercriminals are using similar tactics to Carbanak in a sophisticated plot to steal millions in cash. The Silence Trojan compromises users’ devices by dropping a malicious payload that is capable of monitoring its victim’s activities, including taking multiple screenshots of the day-to-day workload.

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Data breach sees records of 50,000 Australian workers exposed

Reports are surfacing stating that the personal details of more than 4,000 government employees have been exposed in a massive data breach of 50,000 staff records from various companies across Australia. These breached personal records were left openly accessible after a third-party contractor misconfigured an Amazon S3 bucket – a commonly used form of cloud storage. The information included credit card numbers and passwords of some employees, as well as full names, phone numbers and email addresses. Some records also contained details of staff salaries and expenses.

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Automechanika Shanghai anticipates successful debut of the REIFEN Zone – dedicated to tyre, wheel and rim products

Automechanika Shanghai
International Trade Fair for Automotive Parts, Equipment and Service Suppliers
National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai
29 November – 2 December 2017

It’s beyond doubt that Asia’s automobile industry has been developing at a rapid pace in recent years. From 2009 to 2016, China alone was the world’s largest car manufacturer and benefitted greatly from having the biggest sales market. As a result, the country rose to become the world’s top producer and exporter of tyres, with production volume climbing to 947 million units in 2016 [1]. Not only that, but the global tyre demand is still rising, with the market projected to reach 2.5 billion units by 2022 [2].

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