London and what each borough’s outsourcing habits is really saying about it’s habitants!

Since launching in the UK earlier this year, outsourcing platform Airtasker, has ‘kept tabs’ on what tasks Londoners are posting, uncovering the most interesting things your borough’s outsourcing habits say about you and where you live. From the top 3 ‘techie’ boroughs (Hackney, Kensington & Chelsea & Lambeth) to the biggest technophobes (Tower Hamlets), here is a breakdown of London when it comes to those not-so-by-the-book to-dos.


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Cyber wargames a tactic few organisations use to promote cyber awareness – Deloitte survey

It has been revealed that nearly half (46 percent) of executive-level and C-level respondents say their organisations have experienced a cybersecurity incident over the past year. With more than 1500 executives surveyed, the Deloitte poll found forty-nine percent of respondents admitting that their organisation does not conduct cyber wargaming exercises, with more than one-third (34 percent) indicating that they do not know their individual role within their organisation’s cyber incident response plan.

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GreyEnergy: Updated arsenal of one of the most dangerous threat actors

You might have seen the news that recent research has uncovered details of the successor of the BlackEnergy APT group, whose main toolset was last seen in December 2015 during the first-ever blackout caused by a cyberattack. Around the time of that breakthrough incident, when around 230,000 people were left without electricity, researchers started detecting another malware framework and named it GreyEnergy. It has since been used to attack energy companies and other high-value targets in Ukraine and Poland for the past three years.

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MIPS Developing Brain Protection System for Law Enforcement and Armed Forces

Stockholm, Sweden – 17 October 2018

MIPS, the leading brain safety system company, has begun work on brain protection system for military and law enforcement helmets that helps protect against rotational motion resulting from angled impacts to the head. This system, based on two decades of research and testing at the The Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden), would not inhibit a helmet’s ability to protect from projectiles, shrapnel, and other material, but would add a special layer to abate certain motions and potentially prevent injuries like concussions, DAI (Diffuse Axonal Injury) and subdural hematoma from blunt impacts.


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ALERT – AccuWeather’s Europe winter forecast for the 2018-2019 season

AccuWeather Special Report:


AccuWeather’s Europe winter forecast for the 2018-2019 season

The upcoming winter across Europe will feature damaging windstorms, flooding rainfall and unseasonable warmth. 

AccuWeather Global Weather Center – October 17, 2018 – An unsettled winter season will be dominated by powerful windstorms and wet weather from the British Isles into northern Europe.

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Boeing Launches New Organization to Unleash the Power of Advanced Computing and Networks in Aerospace

New Disruptive Computing & Networks organization will operate as part of Boeing Engineering, Test & Technology

Charles Toups to lead new organization

Naveed Hussain to become new leader of Boeing Research & Technology

CHICAGO, Oct. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Boeing [NYSE: BA] today announced a new Disruptive Computing and Networks (DC&N) organization to develop computing and communications solutions for advanced commercial and government aerospace applications.

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NCSC predict ‘life threatening’ cyberattack is in little doubt

There is “little doubt” a major life-threatening cyberattack on the UK will take place in the near future, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has warned. In its second annual review, published on Tuesday, the NCSC revealed it has handled more than 10 attacks a week in the last two years – the majority of which it traced back to “nation states in some way hostile to the UK”.

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