Imperva Expands Global Incapsula Network to Increase Performance and Speed Attack Mitigation

Imperva Incapsula is today announcing its network expansion, new PoPs around the world, new Behemoth 2 DDoS mitigation device, and more.

What’s exciting about this news, is that it eliminates the possibility that your site can go down due to a DDoS attack. This is because Imperva has changed the rules of the game with its new under 10-second SLA which is possible because of Imperva’s significant expansion of its network and investment in second-generation DDoS attack mitigation technology.

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TRACKER figures reveal autumn is the most popular season for a bike to be stolen

According to TRACKER’s annual stolen motorbike recovery figures, nearly a third of all bikes it recovered in 2016 were stolen in the autumn months. As the main biking season enters its final few weeks and nights start drawing in, TRACKER advises bikers to be extra vigilant with their security.

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IMPACT Connected Car Launches its first open call with €2.1 million equity-free

  • IMPACT Connected Car sets out to support, connect and fund companies that offer to disrupt the emerging market of the connected car, expected to reach €141 Billion globally by 2020

  • Wireless electric charging, hacker-protected cars, smart driving and zero-emission transport are some of the innovative concepts brought forward by pioneering companies who have been preselected to join the initiative

  • In the next couple of years, over 60 SMEs and startups will join the IMPACT Connected Car program and receive up to €60,000 equity free as well as expert mentoring and support

  • Top performing companies will have the opportunity to receive additional private funding of up to €200,000 from prominent venture capital funds 


Barcelona, October 09, 2017.- IMPACT Accelerator launches the first call of IMPACT Connected Car, a new program led by FundingBox and ISDI.

Over the next five years, the connected car is expected to disrupt the entire automotive ecosystem and the consumer market. 220 Million cars are expected to be connected by 2020, representing a €141 Billion business opportunity.

With a fund of €2.1 million, IMPACT Connected Car will help SMEs (small to medium enterprises) and startups to capture this business opportunity. It will identify companies that will lead the creation of new value link-chains in the Connected Car OpenSpace, with vehicle, infrastructure and device interactions as well as consumer and business services.

IMPACT Connected Car is funded by the European Commission, under the INNOSUP Initiative. It builds on the legacy and expertise of the IMPACT Accelerator, which invested over €7 million in 78 startups from 2014 to 2017. IMPACT has recently been named among the global top ten in Gust’s Global Accelerator Report, after evaluating 579 programs from five continents, and has been selected as the number two seed accelerator in the European Accelerator Report.

The current open call will be receiving applications from connected car startups and SMEs until January 10th, 2018. During this period numerous info days will be organised across Europe, as well as online, in order to give applicants a deeper understanding of the programme and the application process.

By March 2018, the best 13 companies will be selected to enter the 3-stage smartization programme, upon the completion of which they will receive up to €60,000 equity free funding. Top performing startups will have the opportunity to receive additional private funding of up to €200,000 from participating venture capital funds.

As in other IMPACT programmes, funding will go hand-in-hand with a high-performance training programme in which renowned experts and international entrepreneurs will deliver practical classes across Connected Car Hubs and partners facilities. In addition, entrepreneurs will have access to an international network of more than one hundred recognized mentors, founders, and investors who are experts in different key areas of knowledge, both in the digital sector and in the automotive industry.

The selected companies will showcase at top international events organised over the course of the year by 4YFN and Mobile World Capital Barcelona. They will specifically benefit from the support and expert advice of industry leaders, namely Federation Internationale de l’Automobile, Ferrovial Servicios and PSA Peugeot Citröen, and that of leading clusters and research centres including PARP and the 5 connected car hubs: CTAG, Mov’eo, INSERO, LPNT and Autoklastr. Technical support and access to smart open source software will be facilitated via the FIWARE Foundation.

To inspire companies in the industry, IMPACT Connected Car has preselected 4 pioneering connected car companies that are already making an impact on the emerging value chains in their respective sectors:

  • Argus (Israel) offers advanced cyber security systems to protect connected cars from hackers
  • Botcar (Spain) delivers high compatibility smart driving and monitoring solutions
  • Hevo (The Netherlands) has developed an innovative wireless charging experience for electric vehicles
  • Little (Spain) brings affordable small-sized zero-emission transport concepts to life

Interested SMEs and startups are invited to apply to enter the IMPACT Connected Car programme here by January 10th, 2018.



4 Years from Now [4YFN] is the startup business platform of Mobile World Capital Barcelona that enables startups, investors, corporations and public institutions to discover, create and launch new ventures together, strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem that positions Barcelona as a leader in digital entrepreneurship.

Throughout the year, 4YFN offers unique initiatives for the growing global tech startup community including networking activities, workshops, events and Open Innovation Programmes.

The highlight event of 4YFN takes place at the GSMA Mobile World Congress, the largest gathering for the mobile industry.


Mobile World Capital Barcelona

Mobile World Capital Barcelona is an initiative driving the mobile and digital transformation of society while helping improve people’s lives globally.

With support of the public and private sector throughout Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain, MWCapital focuses on three areas: the acceleration of innovation through digital-based entrepreneurship, the digital transformation of industries and the empowerment of new generations, professionals and citizens in the use of digital technologies. Collectively, our programmes are positively transforming Education, Industry and the Economy.

MWCapital hosts the Mobile World Congress and delivers 4 Years From Now [4YFN], a business platform for the startup community.

GCHQ – Cyber Attackers as much a threat as Terrorism

GCHQ made a series of recommendations to Government in the late 1980s that were largely ignored. It followed a growing number of warnings by trusted information and communications systems specialists from the early 1980s that were also largely ignored by politicians. The international work on trusted systems evaluation criteria from the 1980s that led to the International Common Criteria became a seriously missed opportunity. Very little has changed since then, other than the predictions from the early 1980s have been proven very accurate. The size of the risk is now significantly greater not just because professional and political hackers are a large and growing army, but because the task of technically closing technology vulnerabilities is very much greater and also rapidly growing  – BRN Editor
The front page of the Telegraph this morning reports that keeping the UK safe from cyber-attacks is now as important as fighting terrorism, the head of the intelligence monitoring service GCHQ has said. Jeremy Fleming said increased funding for GCHQ was being spent on making it a “cyber-organisation” as much as an intelligence and counter-terrorism one. It comes after the NHS and parliament suffered cyber-attacks this year. Mr Fleming said there had been nearly 600 “significant” cyber-attacks needing a national response in the last year.

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Family friendly cyber security tips for cyber security awareness month

Children, parents, and grandparents; These are the demographics that are all likely to be duped by fake news, according to a survey of the UK’s security professionals. With cyberspace awash with personal details stolen via seemingly endless data breaches, and our social media feeds a whirlpool of scams and trickery, cyber security isn’t just a problem for the enterprise, but for the whole family.

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