Network security ‘not a top priority’ for IT bosses despite Equifax breach

LONDON UK — Sept. 28, 2017  IT Executives are failing to recognise the importance of IT security new research has revealed, with most businesses placing the issues of completing IT projects on time and reducing IT costs ahead of a secure network, regardless of the concerns highlighted during the recent Equifax data breach that exposed the data of 400,000 UK residents.

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One Identity global Survey results show hackers could be getting a month or more to exploit

In a recent global survey, One Identity has discovered that ex-employees could still be causing chaos in modern business. After surveying more than 900 IT security professionals, results indicate that twenty percent are not confident that people who have left the organisation – therefore no longer requiring access to IT systems – have those access rights taken away, or deprovisioned, in a timely enough manner.

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Crimestoppers/GLAA Slavery Campaign

STC168911 In the Slave-Market at Khartoum (engraving) (b/w photo); by English School, (19th century); Private Collection; The Stapleton Collection; English, out of copyright

‘Spot the signs’







Politicians like Comrade Corbyn and Mayor Khan’t may think that slavery is part of cultural enrichment and part of living in a big city, but its still a crime that demands detection and prosecution – Great Britain led the way in outlawing slavery and set aside a large percentage of GDP to buy the freedom of slaves


 Crimestoppers partners with the GLAA to tackle slavery in the UK

Transport and Warehousing listed as common industries for exploitation

 Independent charity Crimestoppers is today partnering with the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) to help the UK public ‘Spot The Signs’ of slavery in a bid to tackle this growing issue.

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Brits fearful of smart home revolution


  • Smart home tech is predicted to reduce bills and the cost of home insurance – but MoneySuperMarket reveals 76% of Brits are wary of potential risks 
  • Concerns include hacking and unapproved data collection
  • Data also reveals the nation’s dream smart gadgets, including auto-spray devices for cold callers and robot dogs programmed to do chores

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Extreme skiing in Japan, and Heli Skiing

Over the past 10 years, Japan has seen a huge increase in British skiers visiting the country to experience for themselves the famous powder. The unique thing about Japan is the snow quality, it really is pillow soft. You can’t make snowballs as the powder just leaks through your fingers. The result? Vast quantities of the lightest and fluffiest powder snow known to humankind. This makes it a surreal skiing experience, and one that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Lift passes are among the cheapest of any destination, with prices far cheaper than Europe or the US, meaning plenty of extra money to spend enjoying the local area.

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UK gets ready for Security Serious Week to help UK businesses address skills shortage

Security Serious Week taking place next week as part of European Cyber Security Awareness Month.  Security Serious is an initiative set up by Eskenzi PR to make use of all of our contacts and connections within the IT security industry to give free and impartial advice to UK businesses about issues they are facing on a daily basis.

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