Is Alexa always listening?

Concerns about ‘voice assistant’ continue to rise with growing fear that huge unaccountable tech companies are using their products to spy on their customers. There is now convincing evidence that these fears are justified. This abuse of privacy  may be unacceptable, but there is also the very real threat that hackers can break into the eaves droppers’ data systems and steal this sensitive data, making the potential risk envelop even greater – Time for regulators to move in and get tough with the abusers…….BRN Ed.

If you have a voice assistant in your home or on your phone, have you ever been concerned that someone from the company could listen to your voice recordings?

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Remarkable self-build Kebony home built within Swedish forest

Architect Matthew Eastwood creates bespoke, self-build forest house

 Kebony cladding complements family home

 [London: 14 August 2019] Hidden amongst the pine trees in the rural suburbs of Stockholm, architect Matthew Eastwood of Swedish firm, Tengbom, has tailor-made his very own architectural treasure for his family to enjoy. Kebony, a global leader in the production of sustainable modified woods, was selected by Eastwood who embarked on this self-build with a clear objective – to build a house that blends naturally into its surroundings without causing harm to the fragile environment.

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New Model Standardizes Measurement of Cybersecurity in Critical DoD Assets

The Cyber Resiliency Level™ (CRL®) model is a risk-based, mission-focused and cost-conscious framework used to measure the cyber resiliency maturity of a weapon, mission or training system

ARLINGTON, Va., Aug. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Cyber experts from Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] developed and piloted a first-of-its-kind model that standardizes how to measure the cyber resiliency maturity of a weapon, mission, and/or training system anywhere in its lifecycle – the Cyber Resiliency Level™ model (CRL®).

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