SCADA systems still hopelessly vulnerable to cyberattacks

A presentation at last week’s BSides conference by researchers from INSINIA emphasised that industrial control systems could be exposed not just to remote hackers, but to local attacks and physical manipulation as well. The talk reviewed 25 years of industrial control kit, going back to the days of proprietary equipment and X21 connections before discussing proof-of-concept attacks.

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Imposing content-filtering technology on online platforms could be costly and difficult to implement

Imposing content-filtering technology on online platforms could be very difficult to implement and costly
for European start-ups and scale-ups, says a study by Analysys Mason

LONDON, UK, 18 June 2018 Legislators in the EU have proposed the introduction of mandatory content filters for providers of online services, intended to better protect the rights of copyrights holders and to ensure they receive an equitable share of the value created by those rights. A survey by Analysys Mason, commissioned by Allied for Startups, highlights the significant implementation issues and potential costs for European start-ups and scale-ups.

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