Fake news has manipulated the UK’s political landscape, cyber security experts say

Still a long way to go to equal fake news from the BBC and other Fake News Media, but cyberspace is beginning to catch up & may be balancing leftist propaganda

Majority also believe that they have personally been affected by fake news

London, UK, June 23, 2017 DomainTools, the leader in domain name and DNS-based cyber threat intelligence, today announced the results of a survey which found that 91% of cyber security professionals believe that the UK’s political landscape has been manipulated by fake news. When asked if they thought that they had personally been affected by fake news, 61% agreed that they had. When asked who they felt is the most susceptible to fake news, the majority agreed that their children are most susceptible (28%) followed by their parents (26%), grandparents (25%) and colleagues and friends (21%).



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Virgin Media Hack


It has been reported that Virgin Media has urged its Virgin Media has told 800,000 customers to change their passwords to protect against being hacked.

An investigation by Which? found that hackers could access the provider’s Super Hub 2 router, allowing access to users’ smart appliances.


It has been argued in the past that Virgin Media password advice is far from ideal- it constrains users to certain characters, whilst making it common/ public knowledge, how the passwords should be structured.


In response to this news, Mark James – Security Specialist for ESET has offered his insight:


As we embrace more and more IOT and come to expect the ability to connect to anything and everything, no matter where we are, it stands to reason that companies want to make things as easy as possible for the user to embrace quickly and easily. This is where it can fall apart.

Security by design requires effort most of the time; when we get a nice, new shiny device all we want to do is plug it in and expect it to work! When we are presented with instructions to change passwords and even usernames for some, it may seem a little too much effort. But if we want to stay safe, we have to make these changes.

When items are shipped from the manufacturers, they have to use a default username and password to enable anyone to configure it. We must ensure we change that password immediately, and in the best cases we should be forced to change it before we continue.

A good thought process should be along the lines of “any password created by someone else, is a bad password”.

The Quantum leap computers are about to take


eperi and Deutsche Telekom present Quantum Encryption solution at Magenta Security 2017

Post Quantum Encryption: The Data Protection of the Future

LONDON, UK – 21 June 2017 – Today in Munich, Germany at the  Magenta Security 2017 Telekom Congress, encryption gateway vendor eperi and Deutsche Telekom presented a joint quantum encryption solution that will prevent even the most advanced computers from cracking encryption algorithms. The solution will also be able to protect data in SaaS applications like Office 365, Salesforce or custom apps against this threat. The key to this is Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC), advanced encryption algorithms developed by the Technische Universität (TU) Darmstadt.


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