Banking Trojans Replace Ransomware as Top Malware in Email for First Time Since 2016

It has been reported that for the first time since Q2 2016, banking Trojans have displaced ransomware as the top malware in email, accounting for almost 59% of all malicious email payloads in Q1. Emotet was the most widely distributed banking Trojan, accounting for 57% of all bankers and 33% of all malicious payloads.

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Report confirms commercial airplanes vulnerable to cyberattacks

Earlier today DHS assessment report revealed that commercial flight systems are vulnerable to hackers and cyberattacks are only ‘a matter of time’. The research is a continuation of analysis that was made after a group of security experts last year were able to remotely hack a Boeing 757 aircraft without the pilots knowing about it.

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Keynote Speaker Announced: Maritime Cyber Security Roundtable

Maritime Cyber Security Roundtable
— June 13, 2018, Luncheon and Roundtable —
12:00-3:30 PM

India House and Marine Log are proud to announce that
Captain Jason P. Tama will be the keynote speaker for the Maritime Cyber Security Roundtable on June 13, 2018. Captain Tama was recently named the  new Commander of Coast Guard Sector New York and
Captain of the Port of New York and New Jersey and the Port of Albany.

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British company converts windows into solar panels

‘WINDOWS 2020’
•    New British technology turns windows into solar panels and could turn our glass skyscrapers into power stations
•    Cambridge company launches funding programme on CrowdCube today
•    Investment will accelerate manufacture and develop the next generation of photovoltaic (PV) windows

Britain’s estimated 1 billion windows could become the power generators of the future, letting light through while harnessing solar energy.  A Cambridge firm, Polysolar, which is manufacturing transparent solar panels, predicts that they could eventually replace conventional carbon emitting energy sources, such as coal and gas.

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How information and communication technologies are affecting the UK economy/society

Huawei’s research collaboration with the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics and Political Science

[Bangkok, Thailand, June 6, 2018] Today, Huawei together with the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) launched their collaborative research regarding the impact and power that information and communication technologies (ICT) have on the economy and society, at the fourth Huawei Asia-Pacific Innovation Day on June 6 in Bangkok.

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71 percent of IT professionals can successfully hack ANY organisation

Survey shows IT professionals believe they can successfully infiltrate any organisation using one of four key attack vectors  

LONDON, U.K. – June 7, 2018 – Outpost24, an innovator in identifying and managing cyber-security exposure, today announced the results of a survey of 155 IT professionals, which revealed that 71 percent believe they can successfully hack any organisation using one of four common attack vectors, with social engineering being the most popular choice.

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Infosecurity Europe – highlights from day two

“There is huge unease in the public sphere about online privacy, security and how data is being used. We cannot have a robust society if technology is undermining our democratic institutions. I believe it’s crucial to keep liberal values at the heart of our digital world and infrastructure. I am a technology optimist. This is a moment to ensure that we help people through their anxieties, build a positive future, not look backward but rather use technology to conquer the challenges we face and help the UK to set a global standard in digital resilience and responsibility.” Baroness Martha Lane Fox

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Guangzhou Public Security Technology: 2018 show opens, highlighting smart city technology

Running into its 11th edition, this year’s Guangzhou Public Security Technology (GPST) show will officially open its doors from 9 – 12 June at the China Import and Export Fair Complex. Taking place alongside Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology, the two fairs will welcome over 220 leading manufacturers and solution providers across 15,000 sqm of floor space over the coming four days.

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