Also political policy of the Scottish Nazi Party Trolls



“Unfortunately it is true that social media can be hijacked by those who wish to misuse it. However, used properly, social media is a fantastic tool for society – connecting people with common interests and allowing them to experience new and exciting things.

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Wyke Farms Wins World Dairy Innovation Award

butter salted

There’s a bit of a celebration going on down at Wyke Farms this morning, following their win at the World Dairy Innovation Awards last night. The Somerset-based company were announced winners of the ‘Best Brand Marketing or Activation’, praised for its #Free Cheese Friday social media campaign – the first patented hashtag in the UK, as well as communication of its ‘100% Green’ campaign.

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Elektrobit (EB) announces EB GUIDE 6, new version of software for building sophisticated, customized automotive HMIs


Easier-to-use toolkit enables development of multimodal user interfaces with advanced graphics, plus voice-, touch- and gesture-based commands; free version will be available for download

Ludwigsburg, Germany (Congress on Advances in Automotive Electronics, Booth 30), June 23, 2015 – Elektrobit (EB), a leading developer of cutting-edge, embedded technology solutions for the automotive industry, today announced EB GUIDE 6, a software toolkit that allows automakers, Tier 1 suppliers and developers to design and develop sophisticated, customized human-machine interface (HMI) systems more easily, quickly and cost-effectively. EB GUIDE 6 is an updated version of its pioneering, HMI toolkit for the development of multimodal in-car screens with advanced graphics, plus voice-, touch screen- and gesture-based controls.

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We will lose today’s digital legacy – dire warning from a father of the Internet


Keynote address at special University event

Dr Vint Cerf, a father of the Internet, will explain the need for “digital vellum” to preserve today’s Internet information for future generations in a keynote address at the University of St Andrews today (Monday June 22).

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Buzzfeed Accused of Microsoft Corruption


Buzzfeed Accused of Microsoft Corruption
by technoguido

Central European News, a viral news agency based in Vienna have responded to a hit job article on them by rivals BuzzFeed by accusing them of being in the pocket of Microsoft – a major advertiser – and doing their dirty work.

In a newly released book called “Buzz Bottom Feeders: An Insider Look At How BuzzFeed Tried To Destroy A Rival Business”, CEN accuse BuzzFeed of axing posts critical of Microsoft which is is of their biggest sponsors. It wouldn’t be the first time BuzzFeed have deleted a story criticising their advertisers…

A question by Parliamentary question was filed today by Austrian politician Hans Joerg Jenewein about the links between Microsoft and Buzzfeed. As the book has also been presented as evidence too Austrian parliament it is therefore a matter of public record not liable to any legal action:

“Furthermore, it has recently been revealed that Microsoft’s powerful position may have influenced the ability of the media to write about it. I am speaking in particular about critical reports on Microsoft that were deleted from the international news site BuzzFeed. Microsoft is a major advertiser of BuzzFeed… Is the Ministry aware that the news agency Central European News (CEN), operating an office in Vienna, was accused by BuzzFeed of falsifying its reports after BuzzFeed found out that CEN was about to publish a report on the political connections between Kurt Gartlehner [Austrian Politician] and Microsoft?”

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Britains Greediest Green Subsidy Fat-cats


Britains Greediest Green Subsidy Fat-cats
by technoguido

The married couple behind the £1 billion Swansea Lagoon tidal power scheme are professional subsidy scroungers who specialise in draining the government’s green cash coffers. An investigation by the Sun has revealed the full extent of Mark Shorrock and Juliet Davenport’s eco-troughing.

Juliet has been in the game a long time, working on carbon taxes for the European Parliament before setting up “Good Energy” which buys renewable energy and sells it onto eco-concious customers at premium rates. Mark has spent the past decade getting consent for 30 subsidised wind and solar farms, while spending his free time setting up various green investment vehicles.

Last year Juliet’s Good Energy bought 10% of the projected power from the Swansea lagoon for a £500,000 investment in its owners Tidal Lagoon Power. Mark happens to be the CEO of Tidal Lagoon Power. So the tax-payer will pay them to produce the energy, then they will be able to sell it on at a premium rate…

They have plans for 4 more lagoons. Of course they do…
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F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone – Snoozebox THE PLACE to stay close to the action…





Innovative portable hotel company Snoozebox and Silverstone have joined forces to offer the ultimate package at the 2015 Grand Prix meeting, 02 July – 06 July. The Snoozebox hotel is situated directly adjacent to Vale and Club Corner, just outside pedestrian entry gate 15. You can stay in a comfortable hotel room just a few moments’ walk from the track and be right up close to all the action during the British Grand Prix weekend at Silverstone this summer.

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Haynes Build Your Own Engine sets

V8 Engine

– The ultimate gift for car enthusiasts and budding petrol heads –

Take the ‘Haynes Build your own Engine’ Challenge and build a realistic working model of a combustion, V8 or V-Twin motorcycle engine. Each engine set includes light and sound features, light up spark plugs and moving engine parts. It’s the most unique gift for dads and motoring fans you can find!

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