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Human evolution has been believed to be omni-directional

BUT, the sub-human species politicianus shows regressive tendencies


The high-precision dating of materials from 40 archaeological sites, from Russia to Spain, reveals that the disappearance of Neanderthals from Europe took place around 40,000 years ago. Rather than a rapid replacement of European Neanderthals by anatomically modern humans, the study, published in Nature this week, supports a more complex picture characterized by a biological and cultural mosaic that lasted for several thousand years.

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Book Review – Death, Dynamite and Disaster, a Grisly British Railway



Today, British railways present a mixture of reactions from frustration at overcrowded commuter trains, to the joy of rolling through magnificent scenery. Few travellers give much thought to how this, still, extensive network came to be built, who built it and under what conditions. This new book sets out the stark realities of the gangs of workers who toiled in often unbelievable conditions, facing significant danger, and suffering high casualty rates.

New Book – Guarding Hitler – The Secret World of the Führer


Guarding Hitler – The Secret World of the Führer
by Mark Felton
Published: August 2014
Based on intelligence documents, personal testimonies, memoirs and official histories, including material only
declassified in 2010, Guarding Hitler provides the reader with a fascinating inside look at the secret world of
Hitler’s security and domestic arrangements.

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New Book – Belsen and its Liberation


Belsen and its Liberation
by Ian Baxter
Published: August 2014
Accompanied by rare and unpublished photos with in-depth captions the book presents a unique visual account
of one of the Nazi’s most infamous concentration camps. The imagery shows the SS’s murderous activities
inside Belsen, and also reveal another disturbing side to them relaxing in their barracks or visiting their
families and loved ones.

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New Book – Britain’s Iconic Jet Fighter – The Hawker Hunter


The Design and Development of the Hawker Hunter
The Creation of Britain’s Iconic Jet Fighter
Tony Buttler
Published August 2014
July 2014 sees the 60th Anniversary of the service entry of the Hawker Hunter, one of the best fighters ever pro-duced by the British aircraft industry and one of the best looking aeroplanes to grace the world’s skies

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