Cholera, The Victorian Plague



The Victorian era is most remembered as the period when the British Empire expanded rapidly, national wealth increased, and innovation was order of the day. There was another dark side to the era and the author has made a very capable job of addressing the Victorian Plague and the efforts to contain and eliminate it. The subject may not be the most attractive but this book presents the situation in a very readable form, with good bibliography and photo-plate section. Recommended.




This is part of the G.I., the Illustrated History of the American Soldier, His Uniform and His Equipment, Series. As with other books in this series, it features a large number of rare an unusual photographs and sketches. In this volume, the photographs are monochrome and full colour. The birth of modern special forces operations, recommended

Jamie Chadwick Earns Her Nurburgring Race Licence




• British GT4 Champion adds ‘Nordschleife Grade A Permit’ to her C.V.

• With support from Aston Martin Nürburgring Test Centre

• Follows 3-part programme incorporating:

– Two days training and familiarisation

– VLN 4 Hour Endurance Race (20 Aug 2016)

– VLN 6 Hour Endurance Race (03 Sept 2016)

• Now fully qualified to compete in all Nürburgring race classes on the 13.2 ml (20.83 km) circuit

Jamie Chadwick (18), 2015 British GT4 Champion, successfully completed her Licence upgrade this weekend, driving a V8 Vantage racecar and qualifying her to race at the legendary Nürburgring – incorporating Nordschleife and part of the GP Circuit.

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Data Ripple Effect – Millions of ‘pieces’ of actionable personal data per UK household


Politicians have failed to understand the serious risks of data dispersal, propagation and aggregation. To this is added the widespread sale of personal data by government departments that have forced the information from citizens as a mandatory data collection for a specific purpose, such as vehicle licensing and taxation. As Government departments are making a great deal of money from selling personal data to anyone, including convicted criminals, only concerted campaigns by voters will correct this very serious security risk. It has become widespread practice for commercial and government organizations to trade personal data with other organization. In many cases, commercial organizations and government organizations demand information that has no direct relationship to the primary purpose of the transaction in progress. In many cases this extra information is demanded expressly to provide valuable personal data that can be sold. This grave situation is now encouraging the development of software that can be purchased to search out and delete personal data but the only effective solution is for legislation that can protect personal data and provide for enforcement that includes the need for software to search for illegally held personal data. In itself, current methods of extracting data from customers is a major risk to customers, but, as data is widely distributed without the consent or knowledge of the real owner, an organization can collect very detailed information on any citizen by aggregating data purchased and exchanged with many other organizations. This collated data can then be used to commit crimes against the subject, or to manipulate them, or to unfairly trade with them. Key to sound data protection is legislation that correctly defines data ownership as a personal copyright issue. Ed.


Average UK consumer believes fewer than twenty companies hold sensitive information about them online
Poor management of databases and archived information could generate millions of ‘pieces’ of actionable data for each individual

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All-solid-state wavelength-dependent bipolar photodetector speeds up switching

(Tokyo, 29 August 2016) Researchers at Toyota Central R&D Labs describe the first all solid-state wavelength-dependent bipolar photodetectors with fast response times and tunable switching wavelengths. The findings are reported in Applied Physics Express.

This research is featured in the 29 August 2016 issue of the online JSAP Bulletin.

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Nanotechnology: Standing tall for improved versatility

(Tokyo, 29 August 2016) Researchers at Hokkaido University describe a novel method of making high quality vertical nanowires with full control over their size, density and distribution over a semi-conducting substrate. The findings are reported in the Japanese Journal of Applied Physics.

This research is featured in the August 2016 issue of the JSAP Bulletin.

JSAP Bulletin website:

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