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Don’t let the REMAINIACS sack our wonderful Head of State & CinC BRITISH Armed Forces to replace her with this drunk



It’s hard to believe, the referendum is almost finally here. As the temperature continues to rise, and the Remain campaign begin to volley ever more disgusting arguments at us Leavers, the closer we come to victory on Thursday. Fear not though, the end of the week promises to smell far rosier than it does today.

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Globally unique technology for photovoltaic scrap recycling saves raw materials

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Indium, selenium, tellurium and gallium – rare metals from the glass sandwich

Until recently, discarded photovoltaic modules were – at best – shredded and used for the production of low quality glass. The rare metals they contained were lost for good. Thanks to an innovative and environmentally friendly technology developed in the Loser Holding group, the fragile glass layers of the thin film modules can be separated from each other successfully and used by the high quality raw materials industry. Rare metals such as indium, selenium, tellurium and gallium which are otherwise expensive and have to be imported are recovered from the scrap. The panel glass can be used directly for the manufacturing of float glass, and the ferrous back-cover glass can be used in the manufacturing of windows, for example. At CWT Chemische Werke Tangermünde GmbH in Saxony-Anhalt, which is part of the Loser group, the first industrial system is to go into use processing PV scrap.

This is a unique technology, worldwide, for the recycling of photovoltaic modules. What is the USP of this technology? Read everything in the full article here:

The Future of Driving: Five ways connected cars will change lives


A new industry report from global growth strategy consulting company Ipsos Business Consulting reveals how Connected Cars will revolutionise the automotive experience. Traditionally, car ownership brings with it high costs and stress levels, as well as significant commuting times. But the automotive industry is in the early stages of radical transformation that will see the connected car becoming the most advanced computing device that we own. The report highlights five ways Connected Cars will change lives:

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Cenex to support Europe’s largest hydrogen refuelling infrastructure network and vehicle project

Hindenburg in Rio 1936


Cenex’s expertise at data analysis and dissemination will be critical to success of ambitious, Europe-wide, multi-partner investigation

Loughborough, UK – 14 June 2016: Cenex is to play a crucial role in the latest pan-European demonstration of how hydrogen can support Europe’s future transport demands. The six-year H2ME 2 project brings together 37 partners from across Europe to deploy 1,230 fuel cell vehicles and 20 extra hydrogen-refuelling stations (HRS) to the European network. It will also test the ability of electrolyser-HRS to help balance the electrical grid. The project has been developed under the auspices of the Hydrogen Mobility Europe (H2ME) initiative and supported by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU), with funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 programme.

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Hints & Tips for Videogame Pioneers



Video gaming has become a huge and still rapidly growing industry with amazing potential yet to be realized. It owes so much to the early pioneers, who are not well-known beyond the industry, like so many other pioneers of micro-computing, communications, information and electronic information. With so much happening in the industry some will say that “history is history, so lets move on”, missing the many lessons from the past that benefit the future. Fortunately, the author has written a comprehensive account of those pioneers in a very readable book that is of course also available as an eBook. This is a book that all video gamers should read, but it also contains so much that will interest an even wider audience.