Do VPNs actually protect your privacy?

Each time you go online, your traffic is exposed and bad actors can easily intercept it, from simple information such as your IP address and real location to detailed data such as your browsing history and activity. This information can be used against you with tactics ranging from profiling and targeted ads, all the way up to seriously harmful actions like blackmail and extortion.

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NEWS: Disaster for Kyle Smith on day one at Silverstone

10 September 2021|Latest News

Dynavolt Triumph’s Kyle Smith started the opening day of free practice at Silverstone by posting the fastest lap in the wet FP1 this morning with his time of 1’00.516.  This afternoon’s session started damp but drying and Smith waited until the times were showing a completely dry track before venturing out.  With just six laps of the Northamptonshire circuit completed in the session, Smith high-sided at turn three landing heavily which resulted in a fracture to his pelvis, effectively ruling him out of the rest of the season.

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