Kick off the holiday shopping season with our *Privacy Not Included Buyer’s Guide

Privacy Not Included - A buyer's guide by Mozilla Kick off the holiday shopping season with our *Privacy Not Included Buyer’s Guide

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Last week we sent you a sneak peek of our annual *Privacy Not Included buyer’s guide, where we review popular connected products on their privacy and security. Today, I want to let you know we’ve launched our guide out to the rest of the world

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Olson Inst. Newsletter

Volume 4 | November 2019
CSL – When and how to use it
Cross hole Sonic Logging (CSL) is often required for new bridge piers and critical infrastructure buildings. In this month’s newsletter we will cover:
Basics of CSL and where to use it
Tips for dealing with CSL access tubes
How to correctly set the signal gains
Find out what’s new in our WINCSL Software Version 2.14

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How Technology Benefits Senior Citizens

How Technology
Benefits Senior

Brought to you by the Internet Experts

Usage of smart, internet-connected devices is becoming the norm amongst people of all ages—even seniors.1

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For the elderly, advanced technology and high-tech devices make daily tasks easier and can enhance quality of life. With technology, seniors have the tools and assistance to be more independent.

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Special first look at our buyer’s guide


Privacy Not Included - A buyer's guide by Mozilla Exclusive First Look at Our *Privacy Not Included Buyer’s Guide

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It’s your lucky day! Today, as a Mozilla supporter, you get a special first look at our *Privacy Not Included buyer’s guide. Why is this special? Because the holiday shopping season is nearly upon us and you don’t want to be the person who buys the creepy gift for your friends and family.

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Transport Gallery, A Journey Across the Canvas


The author is a renowned specialist in steam railways and this is his second artwork book. To be expected, the steam train forms an important portion of this fine illustrated work, which also covers most other forms of transport to delight a wide range of readers – Most Highly Recommended.

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Snap Inc., the maker of popular messaging app Snapchat, could be using data it collects on users’ facial expressions to infer their emotions. Mozilla is demanding transparency about this potential use of sensitive personal data. Will you join the call asking Snap for better disclosure?

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If you’re one of more than 200 million daily Snapchat users — or even if you only use the app occasionally — you know how entertaining it can be to put on a funny face filter and send your friends video or pictures. The trouble is, it’s not clear if the company is capturing or using facial data from people like you to infer your emotions.


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SAS expands easy-to-access analytics across UK public sector

Marlow, UK – 7 November 2019SAS, the leader in analytics, has enhanced its Software-as-a-Service offerings to help the UK public sector deliver a smarter, more citizen-centric range of services. A range of solutions can be deployed rapidly to deliver fast results, whether it is driving proactive policymaking or delivering better social care for individuals.

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