Scientists develop hack proof, high speed encryption to secure internet

Caution: there is no such thing as a hack-proof system, only levels of assurance, integrity and availability. LINUX is less vulnerable than Microsoft Windows for a number of reasons, and this new technology will offer greater resistance to attack. However, if a hacker thinks its worthwhile to attack a system and is able to focus enough resources, a vulnerability will be found or forced. As with all risks, the risk of hacks requires constant vigilance and more effective sanctions for those who hack. BRN Editor

News broke overnight that scientists have developed a new system with high-speed encryption properties that drives quantum computers to create theoretically hack-proof forms of data encryption, said report. The novel system is capable of creating and distributing encryption codes at megabit-per-second rates, which is 5 to 10 times faster than existing methods and on par with current internet speeds when running several systems in parallel.

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METTLER TOLEDO Safeline Develops New Fully Integrated Conveyorized Metal Detection System

Industrial metal detectors can bring important benefits to the production line for food, non-food and pharmaceutical applications. They allow manufacturers to fulfil their regulatory requirements by providing a fully tested and reliable product inspection program. They also increase consumer safety and quality assurance, by ensuring manufacturers are producing the highest quality and safest products.

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Bittium SafeMove’s latest software version introduces an intuitive user interface and further enhances information security for demanding environments

The new functionalities enable a faster response to security threats; and efficient implementation of broadband applications with mission-critical data on moving vehicles

Oulu, Finland, November 27, 2017 – Bittium releases a new version of the Bittium SafeMove® software product portfolio. The Windows user interface and look and feel have been completely re-designed to cater for end-users who depend on reliable and secure mobile communications. The modern new user interface also works now even better with touch screen devices. For administrators, the new version provides an easy-to-use and reliable way to manage device security policies and other settings.

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Raja Muda Regatta – AY Race Report 4


Goto Raja Muda Selangor Int. RegattaGoto 2017-18 AYGP  Raja Muda Selangor Int Regatta 2017

AY Race Report 4

2017/18 AY Grand Prix Event

One tack race, favours the big yachts…
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
23rd Nov 2017: A little over one hour delay, as the fleet played ‘follow me’ out of Penang Harbour, until they reached the incoming North Easterly breeze, which quickly reached 10 knots and PRO Jerry Rollin released the classes in reverse order. Immediately it was decision time, to head out to sea or tack over towards the land. As the crews cranked on the sheets, the tacticians realised the seaward course was only 5 to 8 degrees from laying the finish line in Langkawi, so gambled that the breeze would lift them, as they progressed along the course and turns out it paid off handsomely. At the end of the course the yachts that tacked inshore, could measure how much they lost by doing so and it shows up in the results.

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