The Rise of Connected Cars and AI Prompt Automotive Manufacturers to Partner with Software Vendors

Cross-industry collaborations are resulting in innovative, customer-centric business models, finds Frost & Sullival

London, 21 May 2018 – With an anticipated global connected vehicles parc of more than 200 million by 2025, automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are looking to seize a competitive advantage by offering space-age customer experience. They are employing personalisation based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), virtual assistants, digital cockpit, and data monetisation solutions to deliver a rich Internet of Things (IoT) user experience to an increasingly demanding customer base.

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Stadler selected Teleste’s end-to-end on-board solution for Merseytravel metro trains in the UK

Visualisation of Kirkdale Depot

Metro Mayor ‘breaks ground’ on new railway depot at Kirkdale

TURKU, FINLAND – 21 May 2018 – Teleste Corporation reveals that its on-board solution has been selected by Stadler for Merseytravel metro trains in the UK. Delivered to the Liverpool city region by 2020, the deployment will consist of 52 trains,  which are designed for the specific needs of customers travelling on the Merseyrail metro network. The agreement also includes an option for another 60 trains.

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Global ICT Capacity Building Symposium to explore developing skills for the ‘Digital Economy and Society’

Geneva, 18 May 2018 – The Dominican Republic is set to host ITU’s Global Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Capacity Building Symposium (CBS-2018), 18-20 June in Santo Domingo. The annual symposium is the main global event for capacity development in the fields of ICT and digital development.

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  • New research* from Green Flag reveals that six in 10 (58 per cent) of drivers are unaware of the upcoming changes to MOT tests
  • Nine in 10 drivers (89 per cent) are unaware that drivers will be fined up to £2,500 for driving a car with an invalid MOT
  • A quarter (25 per cent) of drivers are unaware that you will get fined at all for driving a faulty vehicle
  • A sixth (16 per cent) of drivers don’t book their MOT tests in early, meaning they could be caught out under the new rules
  • Green Flag has released hints and tips about car repairs:

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Company that can track every US cell phone breached…again

A hacker appears to have successfully broken into the servers of Securus, a company that offers powerful tool for tracking civilians and monitoring inmates to law enforcement departments across the country. During the breach, the hacker was able to access the login information of thousands of Securus’ clients and provided part of the stolen data to Motherboard, where journalists were able to verify the authenticity of credentials using the site’s password recovery option.

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Seven out of ten see criminal hacking as big risk to health, safety, prosperity

Do criminals hacking into computer systems pose a risk to your health, safety, or prosperity? If you ask US adults this question, the answer is likely to be a resounding yes! Last month we put this question to 750 people and gave them four possible answers: Little or no risk; Moderate risk; Serious risk; and Very high risk. This chart shows answers by percentage of respondents:

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TSB Customers Targeted By Phishing Scams

Scammers are targeting TSB customers with phishing emails in the hope that they will hand over their bank details. The messages sent by scammers claim to be from the bank and inform customers that their accounts have been suspended due to “recent technical and security issues”. They then ask the account holders to verify them by clicking on a link that’s provided. Instead of directing customers to the genuine TSB website, customers are taken to one run by the fraudsters.

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