All-solid-state wavelength-dependent bipolar photodetector speeds up switching

(Tokyo, 29 August 2016) Researchers at Toyota Central R&D Labs describe the first all solid-state wavelength-dependent bipolar photodetectors with fast response times and tunable switching wavelengths. The findings are reported in Applied Physics Express.

This research is featured in the 29 August 2016 issue of the online JSAP Bulletin.

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Nanotechnology: Standing tall for improved versatility

(Tokyo, 29 August 2016) Researchers at Hokkaido University describe a novel method of making high quality vertical nanowires with full control over their size, density and distribution over a semi-conducting substrate. The findings are reported in the Japanese Journal of Applied Physics.

This research is featured in the August 2016 issue of the JSAP Bulletin.

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Seaforth Historic Ships, HMS Cavalier, Destroyer 1944



Great Britain has made a very poor job of preserving its historic warships. This is all the more amazing in view of the immense contribution made by the Royal Navy to the growth of Great Britain and the establishment of the first truly global Empire, linked by the sea routes, protected by RN warships. This delightful book provides a beautifully illustrated review of the only WWII RN destroyer to be preserved for future generations to visit. The work is lavishly illustrated, in full colour, through the body of the book and could be considered a photo essay, although it contains a great deal of information also in text. Affordable and enjoyable, strongly recommended.

Railways in the Landscape



The 19th Century saw an explosion of rail building in the British Isles. By the end of the Century, it was possible to travel by train to almost every part of the mainland. This enabled people who had previously travelled rarely and for short distances to speed up and down the British Isles and to enjoy some of the most fantastic scenery. This delightful book is lavishly illustrated throughout with monochrome and full colour images, a visual treat.

A Privileged Journey, from Enthusiast to Professional Railwayman



The author has re-embarked on his privileged journey as a youthful enthusiast into a career in the railways. There is a second volume promised to take the story on from the 1960s to today. Together, the two volumes will make a unique account of railway life and technology. This first volume is a fascinating insight into what is now something of a lost world, but still a world of dreams and love of steam. Strongly recommended.