Our books available in South Africa

Paperbacks to our South African customers Not everyone likes reading digitally; some of us still need to hold a book, smell its crisp pages. But it can be difficult getting your hands on the books you’d like to read; many overseas-based online retailers don’t ship to South Africa and those that do charge heavily for postage.

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Guide to Hand Sanitizers

Review by The Derm Review

Around the world, major government health agencies and medical experts have found that the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, is predominantly transmitted through respiratory droplets that are projected through the air, which is why masks have become a major part of stopping the spread of the disease.

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Why IT and Security Teams must strengthen cyber resiliencyWhy IT and Security Teams must strengthen cyber resiliency

In this environment, where cyber attacks are imminent, IT and security leaders must bridge the gap between departments to win the battle against ransomware-based cyber attacksBut, how can these often-siloed teams work together to recover fast and minimise any financial and reputational damage?

To help answer this question, we partnered with Rubrik to host a webinar which is now available to watch on-demand.


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