IMO issues Zika virus recommendations


Zika virus recommendations

The World Organization (WHO) has declared the recent cluster of microcephaly and other neurologic disorders reported in Brazil to be a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.

At present, the Emergency Committee, convened in February 2016 under the International Health Regulations (2005), has found no justification for restrictions on travel or trade.

IMO has issued a Circular Letter which contains guidance issued by the WHO.

MaaS Finland to revolutionize the global transportation market – the world’s first mobility operator sees the light of day in Finland

Las Vegas Monorail OM-HR

MaaS Finland, the world’s first mobility-as-a-service company, commenced operations on 1 February raising a total of EUR 2.2 million in its first call for funding from private investors and the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation Tekes.

Sampo Hietanen, MaaS Finland’s CEO and the original developer of the concept, has set a clear goal for himself: to reshape the world’s transportation markets. Globally, transportation is the largest consumer market in the world, second only to housing.

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LeasePlan UK on removal of white lines from busy roads


If this crazy idea works the next step is to dig deeper potholes that will really slow the traffic up

Lesley Slater, Business Development Director said: “Whether to remove white lines from roads or not has been part of a global conversation that has been growing since the turn of the century and it’s good to see this particular topic highlighted once again. The remodelling of Exhibition Road experiment provides evidence to suggest that removing not only central white line markings, but other traditional safeguards – from road signs to traffic lights and even pavements – actually reduces the accident rate and improves traffic flow. When removed, drivers police their own traffic flow more effectively and are more considerate.

“The old approach to traffic engineering assumed that wide routes and frequent instructions was the best model – however, these studies demonstrate the need to review this thinking – and we would welcome any changes that ensure the roads are a safer place for all its users.”



Corner store convenience and mobile apps will make the receipt of money an ‘everywhere’ occurrence
Cashpoints will soon become the financial equivalent of the phone booth, Xpress Money analysis suggests

The cashpoint, the core convenience innovation in traditional banking in the late 20th century, is being superseded by the rising popularity of money transfer from local outlets and new apps that enable device to device cash transfers worldwide.

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UAG Introduces Tempered Glass Screen Shields To Provide Maximum Screen Protection For Mobile Devices


Urban Armor Gear (UAG), leading creators of rugged, lightweight, drop-tested mobile accessories, announced the release of High-Strength Tempered Glass Screen Shields to accompany their line of rugged smartphone & tablet cases.

UAG’s Tempered Glass Screen Shields are engineered to protect smartphone & tablet displays from scratches and abrasions in the most demanding environments while staying true to UAG”s core design features- ultimate protection while enhancing your device. UAG’s ultra-thin glass construction is 3D Touch compatible while delivering pristine high definition surface clarity without compromising glass strength. In addition, an oleophobic coating has been applied to the shield to help repel natural skin oils, limiting fingerprints and smudges. To combat eye strain & fatigue, UAG has introduced blue light filtering that reduces the amount of blue light emitting from the device.

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  • policemanandprisoner4-7
  • Police in England and Wales solved 12.2 per cent of burglary crimes in the 12 months to March 2014
  • Just 8.3 in every 100 burglary crimes solved in Wiltshire – the police force area with the lowest solved rate
  • Dyfed-Powys police force has the highest solved rate and the lowest incidence of burglaries
  • There are 3.78 full time police officers per 1000 of the population in England and Wales but some areas have almost half this

Police solved 12.2 per1 cent of burglary crimes in England and Wales in the year ending March 2014 but there was significant variation between forces, according to new analysis from Churchill Home Insurance.

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