Coast Guard Closures – the Tip of the Iceberg


“Call-Me-Dave” Camoron and “Boy George” Osborne are promising the British voter that in 2015 the General Election must see the Con faction of the LibLabCon Party in power with a thumping majority so that they can sell out totally to Brussels and implement massive public spending cuts to make the BBC eyes really water. At the same time, they will support the blind Commons Expenses watchdog in concealing widespread MP expenses fraud and jail any news editor who publishes anything even remotely unsupportive of Fuehrer Dave.

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Greenpower - IET Formula 24

Greenpower at Goodwood

· Goodwood Motor Circuit will host inaugural International Final of Greenpower Education Trust championships on Sunday October 12

· Free to enter event also marks Greenpower’s 16th National Finals for UK entrants

· Greenpower Education Trust’s championships provide young people with a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in environmentally-sustainable engineering and technology

GOODWOOD, Tuesday September 30, 2014:

The Greenpower Education Trust charity ( will hold its first ever International Final at Goodwood Motor Circuit on Sunday, October 12.

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Local gas from local people, Birmingham homes heated with ‘poo power’


For the first time in the UK, Severn Trent Water has injected the largest quantity of green gas produced from around 2.5 million people’s ‘processed poo’ into gas pipes serving homes in the Birmingham area. Thanks to an innovative treatment process, the green gas becomes just as clean and exactly the same as ‘normal gas’ and, every year, it will save around £1.7 million on the company’s gas bill for the benefit of its customers.

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Thatch fires a ‘burning issue’ as Autumn arrives

thatched cottage 1359054c

Surveys show that thatch properties are less likely to catch fire because owners are aware of potential risks and take more care than owners of other properties. Where fires do occur in thatched buildings, the most common cause is a chimney fire caused either by a failure to install a modern liner, or because the chimney has not be swept correctly. When a thatch does catch fire it is difficult to extinguish but then a modern property with tile roof can be destroyed within ten minutes of a fire becoming established.

Thatch fires a ‘burning issue’ as Autumn arrives

In 2013, NFU Mutual handled claims for thatch fires totalling £3.5 million
90% of thatch fires are caused by chimneys and wood-burning stoves
Re-building time after a thatch fire can take up to 18 months
NFU Mutual highlights its top thatch safety tips

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‘The Great British Train Robbery: A Tale Of Two Thieves’ is Released in Cinemas 3rd October and on DVD, Blu-Ray And Download 6th October

London: Monday 29th September 2014 – Today Signature Entertainment announces the highly anticipated reveal of The Ulsterman’s identity – the real mastermind behind Britain’s most famous heist. After 51 years shrouded in mystery and investigations, The Great British Train Robbery: A Tale Of Two Thieves which is soon to be released in cinemas 3rd October, and on DVD, Blu-ray and Download 6th October for the first time reveals the true identity of “The Ulsterman,” who was an insider working for the Royal Mail and who had vital knowledge that made the heist possible.

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The release of a vulnerability in the BASH software used by many Linux distributions has the potential to affect consumers worldwide. The bug, nicknamed ‘Shellshock’ is being touted as being bigger than the ‘Heartbleed’ vulnerability discovered earlier this year which affected two-thirds of websites globally. Like Heartbleed some websites are vulnerable, especially if written using the ‘mod_cgi plugin’ for the popular Apache webserver used in most major websites.

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Mobile Context Aware Technology to Revolutionise App Economy, Driving 7.5Bn Contextual Apps by 2019, Finds Juniper Research


Hampshire, UK: 22nd September 2014: A new report from Juniper Research predicts that increasing contextual awareness in apps, as seen in digital assistants such as Google Now, will transform the process of app discovery and the cluttered app tray. In addition, Google recently opened its deep linking API to allow apps to be indexed in a similar way to web pages, further accelerating this movement.

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