Bittium exhibits its Enterprise smart watch reference design at the Internet of Things World Europe 2015 conference


Oulu Finland, October 6, 2015 – Bittium (former Elektrobit) exhibits an Enterprise smart watch reference design at the Internet of Things World Europe 2015 -conference on October 6-7 in Berlin, Germany. Bittium’s customizable smart watch reference design is based on a versatile and efficient platform, which can be easily customized according to customer needs, meeting industry-specific requirements. The solution can be delivered to customers as a complete end-to-end solution, including devices and cloud-based applications.

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3 Journalists Spat At Outside Tory Conference


3 Journalists Spat At Outside Tory Conference
by WikiGuido

Jeremy Corbyn’s “kinder, gentler politics” is going well at the anti-austerity protest outside Tory conference. Here is the Huffington Post’s Owen Bennett:

Reporter @owenjbennett just been spat on. We’re now backed into corner by angry protesters shouting he deserved it

— Kate McCann (@KateEMcCann) October 4, 2015

Michael Crick’s barnet has been ruined:

Anarchists shout “Tory scum” at us as we enter Conservative conference, and I was spat at

— Michael Crick (@MichaelLCrick) October 4, 2015

As was LBC man Theo Usherwood’s suit:


— Theo Usherwood (@theousherwood) October 4, 2015

While this young delegate was egged:

The “protest” is being organised by the People’s Assembly, with Corbyn himself set to address them tomorrow. Will he condemn his gobby supporters? Guido will be donning chemcial protective clothing when he turns up tomorrow at this rate…

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Protester ‘Threatened to Rape’ Woman Outside Tory Conference


Corbyn’s thugs out in force, spitting on people in the street and threatening rape

Protester ‘Threatened to Rape’ Woman Outside Tory Conference
by WikiGuido

A 21 year old woman attending Tory conference says that an anti-austerity protester threatened to rape her as she waited for a taxi outside the secure zone. The woman, a young Tory student who has asked Guido not to name her, tweeted from her private account:

“Been outside the secure zone an hour and been threatened 3 separate times for walking down a road. Had to get a taxi 5 minutes up because some guy was threatening to rape me.”

Speaking to Guido on condition of anonymity, the woman said:

“I was on Oxford Road, I’d been at an event in the Palace Hotel. I was waiting for a taxi. He came up to me, barked in my face (don’t know why) I told him to get f**ked, he continued to stare at me and lick his lips/make actions and said “I’ll shag you” and then walked up the road backwards staring at me and continuing to bark. He just looked a bit scruffy and he barked at me (no idea why) and then was making threatening sounds and actions. I’m 21, 5 foot 3. As you can imagine: scared. There are others who feel threatened. The girl who I’m sharing a room with ran home in tears because she felt that threatened walking home.”

“A kinder politics…”

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Corbyn: Nuclear Weapons didn’t do USA Much Good on 9/11


Corbyn gloating about his friends’ attack on the World Trade Center

Corbyn: Nuclear Weapons didn’t do USA Much Good on 9/11
by technoguido

After winding up his new defence secretary Angela Eagle by declaring that he wouldn’t press the nuclear button, Corbyn has weighed further into the nuclear debate this afternoon:

“Nuclear weapons are weapons of mass destruction that take out millions of civilians. They didn’t do the USA much good on 9/11.”

Handled with typical deftness and sensitivity…

H/T: @rosschawkins
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Public Health England Press Statement: Flu vaccination


Professor Paul Cosford, Medical Director at Public Health England said:

“We are proud to have the most extensive public flu vaccination programme in Europe including children. This year, children aged between 2 and 6 will be offered a nasal spray vaccine. We have significant vaccine stocks to do so, and healthcare providers will be able to order doses in the normal way from this evening.

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Fly high with the sky drone PRO


sky drone pro

For a flying gadget like no other, take a look at the Sky Drone Pro. Featuring a mightily impressive 2MP camera for full recording capabilities so you can film every part of your journey mid-flight, this then feeds back to your smartphone via the integrated Wi-Fi. There’s also the six-axis technology that gives it the stability needed for a fun-filled, easy to use flight experience for kids or adults.

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